7 Things That Can Make Your Single Heart Ache

1. Social Media Posts.

The barrage of photos of happy couples and their baby announcements never seem to end. Who isn’t getting married or having kids for goodness sake? You tried to be happy for those people even though their lives seem in glaring opposition to your lonely home of one.

2. Compliments.

Maybe it was a customer at work that felt the need to comment on your eligibility. You’ve reached a point in your life where comments like, “If I had a bachelor son, you’d be an ideal candidate,” are starting to make you feel more hopeless than appreciated.

3. Being Pursued by the Wrong Person.

The only prospect you have is a renowned player who cheated on his partner for eight years. This person never asks you out but always messages you late at night after drinking for at least six hours straight. It’s the only thing interesting in your messages but highly dissatisfying when he wants nothing to do with you besides getting in your pants.

4. Conversing with Family.

You used to go to your family for comfort, but none of them are fitting the bill for the sense of home you crave. You are in limbo between being a child and having a child, and it seems like no one knows how to ask you about hobbies or books. They want to know when you’re going to meet someone – like you can answer that question.

5. Worried Comments.

“You and me have to have a talk.” – Your grandfather

“It’s like a switch flipped and it makes me sad.” – Your mother

“I’m worried you’ve closed your heart.” – You best friend

“You don’t seem like yourself.” – Your cousin

That happy face you put on clearly isn’t working for you, and them calling you out on it only makes you more worried for yourself.

6. Opinions and Gossip.

Apparently, no one trusts your judgment. That person who smiled at you at the gas station? “He has a crazy ex.” That one who messaged you on Facebook? “She drinks too much.” Then the next day everyone has a suggestion for you. “Go talk to so and so.” “What about so-and-so?”  There is no happy medium. Either you are too picky, or you aren’t picky enough.

7. Emotional Backlog.

The last time you tried to unwind at happy hour, you got two drinks in and almost broke down in tears at the bar. You keep piling up your feelings without having anyone to lean on for support. You try to avoid complaining because you have such a good life. You’ve been doing a damn good job at taking care of yourself, but the weight of standing tall and smiling catches up to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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