45 Things To Be Thankful For Right Now

45 Things To Be Thankful For Right Now

1. The fact that you are here. You are here right now. You are capable of changing your life at any given moment.

2. The quiet seconds, even if they are just seconds.

3. The time that you’ve been given on this Earth. Even if you haven’t been thankful for it all this time.

4. The first five minutes after you wake up in the morning.

5. The last five minutes before you fall asleep at night.

6. The chaotic times because they are proof of your resilience and your power.

7. Hugs, whether they be the ones you give or the ones you get.

8. Having people in your life to pick you up at your lowest.

9. The smell of fresh air with a breeze.

10. All the things that happen in your life that bring you back to your center.

11. The love you’ve been given, even if it’s only been temporary.

12. All the goodbyes. They led you to new hellos.

13. All the people who’ve come and gone, but most importantly, all the people who’ve stayed.

14. All the storms.

15. Because they led you to all the sunshine.

16. Being present.

17. All the smiles you’ve seen, some of which you caused.

18. All the laughter that you’ve heard.

19. The gentle heart you have. It brought you this far, and it will take you even further.

20. The fact that even your hardest days always end.

21. Your support system. It may not always feel like it, but they’re there.

22. Days where you feel like you could hold the weight of the world on your shoulders.

23. Days where the weight crashes down on you because it shows you your limits.

24. Times where you feel invincible.

25. Every moment, every day, every second that you feel love.

26. The hope that you’ve always had. The hope that tomorrow will be better.

27. The ability to close your eyes for a moment and center yourself.

28. The belief in life and in happiness.

29. The fight that’s still in you, even after all the hurt you’ve been through.

30. The calm reminder that you are who you are because of what life has thrown at you.

31. A simple sunrise,

32. Or a breathtaking sunset.

33. Moments where your mind is quiet.

34. Moments when your mind is louder than ever.

35. Days when you’ve felt every emotion you could possibly feel because it reminds you that you’re human.

36. Days when you reach your limit,

37. And days when you feel like you don’t have any at all.

38. Morning mindfulness.

39. Something as simple as a hot shower or a full breakfast.

40. Quiet drives reserved for music and time to think.

41. Learning something new.

42. Talking with someone you love about something you care about deeply.

43. Reading a good book as an escape.

44. Time to just reflect.

45. A gentle reminder that you are who you are, and no one has the power to change that but you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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