12 Ways To Be Good To Yourself This Year And Every Year After

12 Ways To Be Good To Yourself This Year And Every Year After

1. Be mindful of what you think, feel, and want. It’s important to recognize that we all hold selfish needs and desires inside, but it’s critical to let those thoughts out. We have to hold our souls to the highest standard, and selfish platitudes hold no place.

2. Be patient, but also determined. Be willing to wait for the things you want, but don’t give up on them completely. Stay focused, but wait when the time comes.

3. Forgive yourself. If there’s one thing you can always do more of, it’s forgiving yourself. We as people have a nasty habit of holding ourselves to impossible standards. It’s time to break down those barriers and learn from our mistakes.

4. Dedicate time to healing old wounds. We can’t live our happiest, most vibrant lives if we are still nursing old wounds. Take the time to acknowledge the pain that you’re still struggling through.

5. Enjoy the times when you are on top of the world; they don’t last forever. Instead of feeling guilt over your joy, let yourself bast in it. Sunlight doesn’t stick around for long.

6. Listen to your inner dialogue. We don’t always know how we talk to ourselves, so take the time to be more mindful of how you sound internally. If you aren’t kind to yourself on the inside, odds are you aren’t projecting kindness on the outside.

7. Have media blackout days. They’re terrifying, I know, but it’s so important to disconnect and be present to the world around you.

8. Forget about your to-do list and just exist. We can easily get caught up with the mundane, everyday tasks of living, but how often do we throw the to-do list out the window and just live? Do more of that.

9. Say no and stop feeling guilty about it. You have every right to say no to the things that don’t light your soul on fire. Take control of your life. It is yours, after all.

10. Be present as often as you can. Keep your head high and look around. Life is far more beautiful than you even realize.

11. Give your mind the rest it needs. Every night, take 10 minutes to journal, meditate, or do anything that gives your mind a break. Make downtime and priority.

12. Treat others the way you wish others would treat you. It’s a simple idea that we were taught when we were young. It is something we always need to remember. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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