10 Easily Missed Signs You're Leading A Happy And Healthy Life

10 Easily Missed Signs You’re Leading A Happy And Healthy Life

1. You’re not as comfortable right now as you wish you were. It’s okay to be uncomfortable. It’s okay to demand more from yourself. That’s part of leading our happiest lives, even though we don’t always think of it that way.

2. You don’t enjoy a lot of frivolous things. Instead, you search for more meaningful ways to spend your time. This often leads to an unsettling feeling of boredom. Those who lead a happy and healthy life aren’t easily occupied by mindless activities. They are always searching for meaning, and that can be exhausting when there’s none to be found.

3. You aren’t easily manipulated. When you are truly in-tune with yourself, you aren’t one to easily compromise your standards. While this means that you can sometimes spend time alone, you are truly at peace with the decisions that you make because you know they were made in your own best interest.

4. Most of your days involve struggle. Those who are leading their best life, are often consumed by more hardships than successes. They don’t settle. They don’t compromise. Because of this, they struggle through more to feel the same joys as anyone else.

5. You take on a lot, sometimes more than you think you can handle. People like this are perfectionists. They think they’re far more capable to handle more than the average person. It doesn’t make them selfish; it makes them people without limits.

6. You are someone’s voice of reason. These people often look more put together than the rest of us. They look happier. They are calmer, more adjusted to all of life’s curveballs. Other people flock to the gentle aura of these people.

7. You are easily bored. Both a blessing and a curse. You are easily bored. You complete tasks quickly, and others struggle to keep up with you. The fact that you’re quickly bored is a sign that you are living as happily and healthily as you can be.

8. It’s not always easy for you to accept that some things will never change. It’s never easy for anyone to accept this fact, but for these people in particular, having to accept that there are some things that cannot be changed is excruciating. These people are all about adaptability and control, and when things are out of their control, they often feel a sense of failure.

9. You sometimes feel stuck in life’s constant whirlwind. The everyday drudgery of life is exhausting for anyone, but when you are constantly used to trying new things, testing your limits, and experiencing all that life offers, the constant “normal” life feels suffocating.

10. You always feel like there’s more you could do. And while there’s nothing wrong with this, people who are leading their happiest life are never satisfied with where they are. They constantly hustle, push hard, and lead by example. A testament we should all abide by. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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