This Is Your 30-Day Happiness Challenge: Putting Yourself First

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Day #1: Wake up 30 minutes earlier than normal. Yes, it sounds like hell, and it will probably feel like it too, but you will be far more productive and lax throughout the day. My motto has always been to let your body rise with the sun.

Day #2: Read an inspiring book. Or any book, honestly.

Day #3: Take a walk outside. Feel the air and listen to the trees. Reconnect with reality.

Day #4: Take a bubble bath. With bath salts and candles and all the romanticism you’ll ever need.

Day #5: Disconnect from social media. It can be so consuming, and if you’re not careful, it will become the only thing you care about.

Day #6: Enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea, depending on your preference. It wouldn’t hurt to have a nice view, too.

Day #7: Catch up with someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Enjoy hearing about their life, and share yours too. So much has changed, but yet, so much has stayed the same.

Day #8: Cook something that will make your body happy. When we’re busy, we often resort to frozen food or takeout. Take the time to pick fresh produce. Let your creative mind lead you through the kitchen and prepare something that will make you feel good about you.

Day #9: Drink more water. Keep a bottle handy at all times, and don’t ever be caught without it.

Day #10: Make an effort to smile at as many people as possible. Even when you’re having a bad day. Lifting someone else up makes you feel better, believe me.

Day #11: Listen to your favorite music whenever possible. Fill that empty space with what you love.

Day #12: Have a dance party. It’s a lot more beneficial than banging your head against the wall.

Day #13: Listen to a podcast. I love TED talks, and I try to listen to one every morning.

Day #14: Take a day trip. Even if it’s just to the bank. Get out of the house.

Day #15: Color or paint. Allot time each day to be creative. You’ll find that it’s the most fulfilling time of your day.

Day #16: Treat yourself. You don’t have to spend money either. If you like to drive, give yourself 20 minutes to go on a drive.

Day #17: Get a massage. Or give one to yourself. Hand massages are the best.

Day #18: Take a nap. You never realize how exhausted you are until you’ve given yourself permission to be.

Day #19: Compliment someone. Compliments often breed compliments.

Day #20: Enjoy nature. Don’t just breeze by it. Make a conscious effort to live in the moment.

Day #21: Practice yoga. If working out isn’t your thing, yoga is a great alternative that still keeps your body moving.

Day #22: Bake cookies. Or cupcakes. Or cake. Or brownies.

Day #23: Go to a museum. Or just look at art online. If art isn’t your thing, watch a history documentary.

Day #24: Spend actual quality time with family. Quality time with your family shouldn’t feel like an obligation. If it does, you’re doing it wrong.

Day #25: Go to a new cafe or restaurant. Explore all the places around you that you’ve been too busy to see.

Day #26: Watch a movie. With loved ones or by yourself.

Day #27: Relax for 30 minutes. Do whatever the hell you want for 30 minutes. Yoga, write, run, sleep, watch videos. This is your time, and more often than not, you forget that.

Day #28: Garden. Even if you have no idea how. It’s so gratifying to see something that you’ve worked so hard for come to life.

Day #29: Meditate for 10 minutes. Get out of your head and into the universe.

Day #30: Go to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal. Shut everything off, and make the effort to sleep longer. TC mark

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