What You Need In Your Forever Person, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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You need someone who calls you out on your sh*t. Your forever person loves the hell out of you but isn’t afraid of telling you when you’re wrong.


You need someone who is the opposite of you. Your forever person is grounded, level-headed and unafraid of sharing their feelings.


You need someone who decides where you’re going to have dinner. Your forever person is decisive and sure of themselves.


You need someone who appreciates your emotional openness. Your forever person


You need someone who doesn’t mind being out of the spotlight. Your forever person knows you love to be the center of attention.


Your need someone who doesn’t mind that you schedule every second of your day. Your forever person loves that you have Excel spreadsheets already set up for next year’s holiday plans.


You need someone who loves that you always want to be around your friends. Your forever person is totally down for a last-minute camping trip with the gang.


You need someone who understands your passion. Your forever person loves to support you in any way they can so that you can follow your dreams.


You need someone who’s as optimistic as you. Your forever person always looks on the bright side.


You need someone who reminds you to stop and smell the roses. Your forever person is proud of how disciplined you are but reminds you to have fun, too.


You need someone who can pack up on a moment’s notice and drive across state lines for an impromptu trip. Your forever person is always down for an adventure.


You need someone who can give you a shoulder to cry on. Your forever person knows you bear the brunt of other people’s issues so they take care of yours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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