This Is Why You Suck At Modern Dating, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Jane the Virgin


You want an old-fashioned fairytale. You want a guy to court you and open doors for you and take you out to dinner. Modern dating is a nightmare for you unless you can find someone who has those same values.


You play hard-to-get with the best of them which makes modern dating hard for you. If someone waits two hours to text you, you’ll wait five hours to text them which makes things move nauseatingly slow. Basically, you’ll play whatever game you have to but things never progress.


You have a problem with having too many options. When you’re swiping through Tinder, you’re seriously overwhelmed. You can’t even decide whether to swipe right or left on one guy let alone thousands.


You’re really open with your emotions and in the modern dating world where it’s cooler to hide your heart and act like you don’t care, it gets really hard for you.


You want a commitment and that’s hard to find in modern dating. You don’t want to “casually” see someone. You want someone to be your boyfriend and be committed to you.


You want to be able to control things but with modern dating, you’re always left in the dark. You don’t want to wonder whether your guy still has his Bumble profile or is DM-ing girls on Instagram. It’s scary to a control freak like you.


You just want to be comfortable and modern dating games make you anything but that. Why is it so hard these days to just be open about how you feel?!


You don’t ever want to abide by the rules of modern dating. You don’t want to wait three days to call a guy after a date or make sure you don’t like his Instagram posts too often. Where’s the fun in that?! You can’t even keep track of all the rules.


You just want the love story your parents had. You don’t want to make up and break up and date other people before finally making it down the aisle. You just want to meet someone you love and love them. You’re not mad for modern dating.


You’re not good at letting go and in modern dating, you have to be able to when another guy ghosts you. It’s not your fault that you want to just sit him down and ask what happened but in modern dating, that’s taboo.


You’re really affectionate and you want to be able to show that. You don’t want to wonder whether or not to celebrate your 1-month anniversary with your guy – you just want to make a homemade dinner and drink some wine with him.


You like to get to know someone before you sleep with them so it’s hard for you when your date expects you to be intimate with them before you even know their middle name. What’s wrong with waiting? In the modern dating world, apparently everything. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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