This Is Why It’s Hard For You To Let Go, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Because of your optimistic nature, it’s difficult for you to accept that something is really over. You keep hoping that things will get better and you won’t have to let go. You can’t let go of your optimism and hope and it’s keeping you from being able to let go.


You’re incredibly stubborn so you still want to fight things out, even when you should be over it by now. Your instinct is to keep trying to prove that you’re right and the other person is wrong. Instead of letting go, you hold on.


You’re indecisive which means you can’t even decide if you need to move on or not. You constantly change your mind about this. Should you try things again? Should you throw in the towel? You can’t decide and it keeps you from being able to let go.


You’re really open with your emotions and you laid it all out on the line. It’s really hard for you to understand that you could love someone so much and it still didn’t work out. Your heart is on your sleeve and it’s keeping you from letting go.


It’s in your nature to want to be loved and admired so when you lose that, it’s terrifying. Instead of being alone, you desperately try to hold onto something that you know you shouldn’t.


You’re used to being able to control everything so when something is out of your control, you desperately try to regain control. Letting go would mean you’re out of control so you hang on.


You seek peace and comfort in your life. When something is comfortable, you hang on to it. You value familiarity over all else which makes it hard for you to let go of things.


You’re passionate and you think that you can transfer that passion to other people. If you really love someone, you don’t see how they could possibly feel differently. You’re sure that if you just explain your feelings to them, they won’t want you to let go either.


You’re idealistic and that things will work out for the best so when it looks like it’s not going to, you’re totally devastated. You’re sure that if you just believe, things will get better. You just can’t bear to let go before things get better.


You’re determined and that characteristic affects your entire life. When you’re determined to make something work, it’s hard for you to let go.


You’re affectionate, even when you’re trying to let go of something. You go into things with your whole heart and you’re unable to turn that off, even when you should.


You’re used to helping other people so even when it’s in your best interest, you can’t turn the other cheek to someone who needs you. Even when it’s best to let go, you want to go back to that person and take care of them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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