This Is How You’ll Fall Out Of Love In 2017, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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When something goes wrong in your relationship, you’re too proud to admit your mistakes. Eventually, a small issue creates a big gap and you can’t bridge it.


Even though you’re in love, you have a hard time fully giving your trust to someone else. When they betray that trust, even slightly, your feelings are extinguished.


You overthink your relationship until the magic is gone.


Your sentimental heart has you looking toward the past. You can’t focus on the new love in your life when your mind is still full of thoughts of your last love.


The moment you think someone is taking advantage of your kindness, your love for them is gone and there’s no way to get it back.


You’re highly analytical and organized and it’s difficult for you to love someone who is unorganized and not on top of their goals. You fall out of love when you see they can’t keep up with you.


When your love does you wrong, you try your best to forgive them – and you do, but you just can’t forget. Being able to forgive but not forget leaves you falling out of love.


You fall out of love when the passion in your relationship starts waning. Ya


You truly value your independence. When the person you love tries to control you, you’re immediately done with them. You need someone who understands your independence and doesn’t try to smother it.


You’re incredibly ambitious and you fall out of love the moment you realize the person you care about isn’t as ambitious as you are. If you don’t have similar goals, you’re done.


You’re humble and you like to surround yourself with humble people. Even if you love someone, you can’t deal with an overly inflated ego.


You’re a romantic at heart and for someone to keep you, they have to keep up the romance. When they don’t, you fall out of love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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