This Is How You Sabotage Your Own Happiness, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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You can’t get out of your own way. You make toxic decision after toxic decision, even when you know it’s the wrong thing to do. After all, you’re young and there’s plenty of time to make healthy, rational decisions right?… Aries, get started now if you know what’s good for you.


You can’t let go of the past which keeps you from being able to be happy in the present. You spend so much time trying to figure out what went wrong before that you can’t build a life you love now. Let it go, Taurus.


You’re indecisive. You spend a little bit of time on thirty different projects instead of sticking to one and putting your entire heart in it. Choose your path, Gemini. Once you do, your work ethic will shine.


You don’t think decisions through. You make permanent decisions based on temporary feelings and it’s messing your life up. Take your time, Cancer. Make sure you’re making the right decision before plowing through. 


You love partying and it’s difficult for you to let go of that lifestyle but showing up hungover at school or work is definitely messing with your chances of success. Chill out, Leo. There’s a time and a place for drinking 10 beers and it’s not a weekday.


You have a single-minded focus on work which means that the other areas of your life are left to struggle. Try to take a more well-rounded approach, Virgo. You’ll be shocked at how happy it’ll make you.


You keep going back to things that don’t work for you. You’re the person who gets back together with their ex five different times in three years. Move on, Libra. There are bigger and better things out there for you if you would just give them a chance.


You spend more time focused on other people than yourself. You’re always the first person a friend calls when they need something and you never say no. Be a little selfish, Scorpio. You need your own help, too.


You’re totally sure that your life will just work itself out. You have too much faith in the universe. Good things only come to those who work, Sagittarius – not those who wait.


Your pessimism robs you of the chance at happiness. Let yourself look on the bright side, Capricorn. You might find something good there.


You’re always comparing yourself to other people. You endlessly scroll through Instagram, wondering why your life isn’t as cool those people’s. Comparison is the thief of happiness, Aquarius. Stop judging yourself by the standards of others.


You rely entirely on the approval of other people so when you don’t have that, you totally spin out. Look inward, Pisces. You only need your own approval. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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