We Don’t Meet People By Accident Because They Help Make Us Who We Are

GK Quilicot
GK Quilicot

There are things in life which are strange and cannot be explained. You meet people unexpectedly – like a whirlwind, these people have changed your life, for the better, I’d like to say.

I have made a lot of promises to myself for the past few years hoping to have a better life, to be on the right path, and to start new but then suddenly, in a snap of a finger, these promises are forgotten. I suddenly want to face my life and the world head on – without any plans and without stressing about the future. I haven’t felt this rush in a long time. I have never felt the urge to live my life fully, to be carefree and just live the moment. I was never a come-what-may person but for the the past weeks, I have been a different person. Of course, it scared the hell out of me. This is not my comfort zone but I want this.

When I look back, I was the girl whom people find boring. The girl who enjoys being alone.  The girl who follows a single routine. The girl who only stays at home. The girl who rarely goes out. The girl who keeps a list of movies to watch every night after work. The girl who enjoys watching TV series and reading books on weekends. Yes, the typical introvert. But all of a sudden, I barely had time to stay in my bed. I’ve had lots of sleepless nights yet I never find it tiring. Everyday feels like living.

I am in a coffee shop sipping my iced latte, smiling from ear to ear as I am writing this while reminiscing over all the memories that just came pouring in. Whatever may happen in a couple of hours, tomorrow, the coming days, months, years, I know in my heart that I have nothing to regret.

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason and that every single person you meet has a purpose in your life. I have asked God why all these things happened. But now, I finally understand that this person came into my life to teach me a lesson. That I have to understand that sometimes, I have to take a step back from my life, forget all the rules, the promises, the checklists, the standards, the plans and live. Just live the moment, enjoy the present and be happy.

Life is short so why not cherish every single day of my life? I am going to live my life as if it’s my last, that’s for sure. I don’t really have any idea what tomorrow brings but I don’t have any expectations. Some people may never understand why and judge me but this girl just want to be happy and feel alive. Is that too much to ask?

But just like any story, it has an ending.  They have served their purpose and it is time for them to leave because they were not meant to stay in the first place. People come and go.

We should learn to accept that everything in this world is only borrowed and temporary. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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