Do It, Even If They Wouldn’t Do The Same For You

“I don’t see why you are doing all of this for them, they wouldn’t do the same for you.”

Whether or not someone would do the same for you should not be the basis upon which you decide if someone is worth your kindness. Who you are should not be affected by who or what they aren’t. Do whatever it is that is in your heart to do. Your actions should be a reflection of who you are, not a reflection of how the people in your life do or do not treat you.

Do not perform acts of kindness with the expectation of them being returned. Perform acts of kindness because you know that if you don’t, it will keep you up at night knowing that you missed the opportunity to make someone who you care about smile or feel loved. Be kind because you know how it feels to be treated unkindly. Andrea Gibson once said, “The hardest part of having nothing, is having nothing to give.” The ability to give and help other people is the greatest privilege of all. When you have it, use it selflessly.

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

So by all means, cross oceans for people who wouldn’t skip puddles for you. With consistency, all of the oceans will begin to feel like puddles anyway. Cross them all. Cross galaxies for the people who are worth it to you. If it is in your heart, lasso the Milky Way for the person who might never even consider giving you the Moon. Light the way, and help them find their way home. Burn bright despite their darkness. Be the diamond in the rough. Don’t dim your shine just because of the contents and quality of the environment that surrounds you.

Whether it be the ocean or a puddle, why be a ripple on the surface of the water when you can be the stone? Even if you sink, you’ll find your way back to the shore eventually. Break the surface again and again. Make waves. Be the source of origin, not the echo.

Follow your heart, not their example.

I’m trying.

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