9 Signs That It’s Over And Time To Break Up

1. You stopped listening to their music a long time ago. When they send you songs, or links to articles that they found interesting or reminded them of you, you don’t even care to look into them. When they turn their music on in the car, you just reach for your headphones.

2. You don’t share your favorite things with them anymore. Whether it be your new favorite song, a new show you are obsessed with, or an author you discovered and can’t stop reading, you don’t have any desire to share these parts of you with your partner. You don’t want to let them in and enjoy these things with you, out of fear that they will ruin them for you by either being over critical of them, or just by being present.

3. They are no longer the first person you run to when something happens, good or bad. They’re actually the fourth or fifth person you think to tell. Hell, sometimes you don’t even realize that you forgot to tell them about the new big thing that happened in your life until a week later.

4. You don’t mind the fights. Hell, sometimes you purposely initiate them. The fights feel like a relief, because you finally have an excuse to run away from them; to avoid them.

5. Time apart doesn’t bother you at all. The distance is the best part of your relationship. They say distance is supposed to make the heart grow fonder, but all it does is make your heart grow fonder of the distance.

6. Time spent together feels more like a chore than a safe haven. A relationship is supposed to consist of people who want to be around each other, and find strength and comfort in each other’s presence. If seeing your partner feels more like an obligation than a blessing, it’s time to let the relationship go.

7. You just love them differently. You still care about them, but the thought of kissing them almost makes you cringe. They are starting to feel more like a sibling than a lover.

8. You just don’t think about them. You find your mind wandering to other things or someone else when you zone out throughout the day.

9. You wish they could find someone else. The thought of them having sex with someone else doesn’t even bother you. You just don’t want to be the one with them anymore.