This Is What Being Abandoned By Your Best Friend Truly Feels Like


It is not new to me, it happened twice already. I mean having a friend that you almost treasured as a family will leave you unintentionally. And now it is happening again.

She is not leaving because I was a horrible friend – she’s leaving for the better, for her future. But what makes the situation worse is the feeling of being abandoned by someone you love, by someone you spent years of laughter, and by someone you thought would stay permanently. 

I think it will always give us a clenching feeling right in the heart whenever someone so important needs to spend their lives without us. Because honestly, we want to be there in every part of their lives or just being there with them whenever it’s a simple day or an important one.

We feel these uncertain emotions because of proximity, being far with them makes us feel detached from their lives. That our selfish soul wanted to be part of everything. Because in some part of our lives with her we are always there to share every crazy and horrible moments with. And just thinking of her without your circle is enough to bring uncalled emotions.

I’ve been in this situation before and it is horrible. At first, you will establish possible ways to make communication with her because you don’t want to feel incomplete (cheesy may it sound but it’s true), but it will fade not soon but later because you will realize that both of you have lives and dreams to feed. And it happened that she needs to build those dreams miles away.

You both will get their own lives, get busy, meet new friends, and unintentionally communication will falter. But let me tell you this, that even you don’t communicate every day, memories in mind won’t falter because I believe that memories you shared with someone you love are not easy to break. They are chains that makes you whole, that makes you, you. They are chains, it will hold you no matter what surge of sadness breaks because you miss her, it will stay no matter how detached you feel, and it will never be forgotten even how much busy you get and how much shit we faced.

Memories seems like a ghost, they will haunt you down when you feel alone and I think that is beautiful.

Unlike any other memories, it won’t make me cry or scared but it will only make us happy because what you shared together are the ones without complications and pretensions. You have this relationship that is shitless. You are true to each other and that is priceless.

Maybe it will take years before we meet again. I’m sure places you’ll go will do good to you and I can’t wait for the future to come. You all successful and gorgeous that you are, my friend. And I hope as you depart that memories and good times will bring you back here. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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