8 Easy Ways To Get People To Notice You (And Like You, Too!)

jens johnsson
jens johnsson

Believe it or not, realistically, we cannot actually live without somebody accompanying us. We need friends to comfort us when we’re sad, someone to seek advice to, someone who can give us hope, and to have fun with us when we’re glad. We need someone we can count on to treat us nice. And there will always be a part of us that would always seek for that someone.

Human nature likely means we long to be accepted and appreciated by everyone we meet. Every single thing we do is always done to make someone like you. For some rationales, we always look for the reasons why people may or may not like us.

To make such things possible, you got to think of ways to make people like you.

1. Start with yourself

You can never be able to make people like you if you don’t even like being you; you can never get to know people around you if you don’t even know yourself. Interacting with people should always start with you. Knowing yourself means knowing your capabilities that would help you expressing yourself to others and avoid misinterpretations.

2. Remember that first impressions last

It is said that you can never have the chance to make a first impression, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make a good impression. So, smile, with feelings. Smiling is one of the best ways to approach people and makes you look more approachable, too. Don’t wait for people to be kind and nice, show them how. Remember, if you start behind the seventh ball, you can never get in front; likewise, if you create a not-so-good impression, you can never have the chance to know some people around you. Smile is communicable, spread it!

3. Open your door

Snap out of the lonely, dark, alone, fearful life. Put down the walls that keep you away from meeting and knowing new people. Open yourself; let other people know your opinions, let your words be heard, let people know you. Put away the anchors that keep on drowning you from the idea of being alone, you need to stay afloat and let everyone see you.

4. Talk more

Don’t be such a boring person that just stares and nods all the time. Talk about your favorite color, food, artist, author, book and shirt brand; talk about what you don’t like, and everything in between. Speak yourself out, and you’ll gain people.

5. Listen better.

You got your opinions, but try listening to others. You’ve got to admit that you don’t know everything. Sometimes you got points and sometimes they got. Don’t be pushy with your issues and opinions. At some point, you need to open your mind from learning by listening. Exchanging of thoughts would be an exciting way of communication. Through opinions, you got to hear what’s inside them, so do they. And that actually would help you grow as a human being, and make you more likable.

6. Think before you speak.

If you want to be liked by people, you should learn how to use words; avoid the words or statements that might offend someone. Sometimes, it is okay to be picky with words, if it would be for a better communication and relationship. Remember, the most dangerous weapon is a single word that hurts more than a blade, and could change a person.

7. Go for a laugh and lighten up

It may not be your nature to throw jokes around, and that’s okay. Just be sure you are ready the humor in something, don’t be a serious person with serious matters all the time, look at the bigger picture in life. Really serious people are essentially acting selfish for focusing too much on their personal issues. Highly likable people are those who can set aside their concerns and go with the flow. Someone who can laugh easily and smile often; someone who can be selfless at times, you’ll probably win people over.

8. Be yourself.

It’s highly likable if you could be a better you than yesterday, but there is no way better than being yourself in front of other people. No need to pretend just to impress people. As you grow older, you should know your worth and purpose. You aren’t born to please everyone around you to like you, you are born to be liked by people you deserve. For some reasons, you have to realize that some people aren’t meant to like you the way you want them to even though you’re likable and lovely enough. See the beauty in you, and people will, too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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