18 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think

1. You complain about your body or face and everyone around you rolls their eyes.

2. You obsess over a tiny pimple no one is noticing, because you almost never have skin problems.

3. One piece of hair won’t do what you want and you think everyone is looking at it.

4. You make some headway on a project you’re working on but beat yourself up that you didn’t finish it or do as much as you’d have liked to. Some people haven’t done anything productive today.

5. You make a little mistake but it’s fixable and not a disaster and you learned a valuable lesson from it.

6. You worry about not having enough friends, but if you even have one close friend you love and trust and who loves and trusts you, you’re doing better than a lot of lonely people.

7. You could afford a cup of coffee this morning without thinking about it.

8. You’re maybe out of shape or getting a little cold or something but you’re otherwise pretty strong and healthy. If you got sick, you could recover.

9. You have opinions and beliefs you feel strongly about. It means you care about something and have spent time thinking about your experiences and the way you perceive the world.

10. You feel stressed out because you have a lot coming up. Isn’t that better than not doing anything?

11. You went through something terrible and you made it out alive. That’s all. Surviving was enough.

12. You can admit when you need help. It isn’t shameful and it doesn’t mean you’re weak.

13. You woke up this morning and looked up at a roof.

14. You spend all day watching movies or TV shows and you feel guilty about not contributing to society but sometimes everyone just needs to take what my mom calls, “A Mental Health Day” so it’s fine. Don’t worry about it.

15. You loved someone who didn’t love you back. But you felt a life-affirming feeling. You will feel it again.

16. Your iPhone screen is cracked.

17. You worry about your career or what you’re going to do in life. It means you have ambition and drive and will. It’s not a bad thing.

18. You can read this. On a computer. With internet you have access to. TC Mark

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