You Are Worth The Risk


I want you to be afraid of losing me.
I want you to be afraid to disrespect me.
I want you to sacrifice your pride and sinful desires in fear that I’d drop everything we have in less than a millisecond.

At the moment, we’re treading in 100 feet of ocean, and my head is barely above water because you’re pulling me under. The thought of your lips on hers weighs more than my muscles can take.

I want to be able to have more power over you than the alcohol that runs through your veins, I want you to mourn over the loss of me the second that your face becomes too close to someone else’s, I want you to feel like I felt, sitting at home stupid because I gave all my trust away to someone that I’ve known for 3 weeks.

But at the same time, I want you to get drunk on loving me rather than on the Hennessy you chug because you hate beer and I want to calm that temper of yours by the sound of my voice alone like a lullaby bringing a child to slumber, I want you to say my name in the place of the curse words you repeat ever so often, I want to swim beneath the waves in order to lift you back up again, filling your lungs with more goodness than oxygen even if I can’t bring myself up to breathe.

I fell in love with you because I wanted to fix you – not that there was anything wrong with you, but because I wanted to make a masterpiece out of a broken soul, pieces of flaws that I call perfection, I want to be the duct tape that messily binds you back together because I myself am not as strong as superglue, and I will stick by your side until I possibly rip into shreds that will need their own reparation but I hope that one day…

Even if you love another woman… you’ll never remove me from who you are and you will treat her right like I know you can; you will carry her head above water because I had filled your lungs with enough goodness to make you immortal.

But as for now, I want to be the sunlight that creeps through your window shades to remind you that darkness is temporary and that tomorrow has and will always come. You are the weeds caging this beating heart, enveloping my mind, and encompassing my body. We are a guitar and its strings trying to find out how we can make music rather than noise…

Maybe we never will, but ever since I met you, you’ve made me believe that everything’s worth a shot.

Maybe it’s because I fell in love with you at a bar but I’m still tipsy on the shot of you even if I don’t normally drink liquor like you…

You are a dim light that I’ll do my best to brighten and I hope you take my efforts and build them up like hollow blocks, make me the foundation for a better you because that’d be the best way to show your appreciation, make me the solid ground you walk upon and be my safe haven, because people like me… – we give so much of our heart that it shatters in the end.

Past lovers hold pieces of our hearts, leaving us with a smaller one than we had before, and we look for redemption in new lovers willing to share parts of their own.

I ask for nothing in return but your love and respect. So take this heart, gently please, and I’ll fix you.

You’re worth the risk.

I want you to sacrifice your pride and sinful desires in fear that I’d drop everything we have in less than a millisecond – even if I really never could. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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