This Is What It Feels Like To Love Someone From Miles Away

Aziz Acharki

It takes two brave souls to conquer love. More so, it takes two determined and trusting hearts to survive long distance relationships.

It isn’t an easy task. Deciding to go through it from the very beginning is already a tough job. Every waking morning is a reminder that it’s going to be a long day without them. Amidst busy schedules, thoughts of them creep into your mind and you wonder if they’re thinking of you as often as you think of them. You expect them to be on top of your notifications as you check your phone after a busy day and find yourself pouting out of disappointment if their name doesn’t show up.

You risk it all. Regardless of how strong the foundation of the relationship is, there is always that little voice of uncertainty that asks ‘What if?’

You start comparing your story to that of others who didn’t work out ever since being away from each other and you counterpart which of fairytales whose happy endings were made possible of a love that’s been tested by distance. It’s like betting on a game and heaving heavens that the odds are always in your favor. Certain times your faith on them will be tested and as you experience conflicting emotions, you still choose to believe and stand by them because that’s what agreeing to the situation entails: to doubt them a little less and trust them even more.

Just when you thought you’ll get lots of vacant time without them around, you’ll find yourself catching up with each other’s free time just so you can do video calls in an attempt to miss them less. But of course, that won’t ease the longing. Ironically, your new definition of quality time is spending more moments with a device.

And when you finally get the chance to see each other for even a short while, time spent together is golden. You’ll be there for each other through each departure and arrival. The happiness you’ll feel when you finally get to hug them after not touching them for so long will be priceless and similarly, the agonizing pain that will stab you as you see them take off again is close to being unbearable.

Indeed, long distance relationships take a lot of hard work. It strengthens those with frail hearts as they cling to faith. It teaches those who are indecisive to stand firm with their options. Most importantly, it makes the impossible, possible. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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