Here’s Why I Like You

Allef Vinicius
Allef Vinicius

I like you because you give justice to the words “Good Morning” with each waking day. A simple two-word greeting that puts a smile on my face which uncontrollably lasts for minutes, and sometimes, even hours.

I like you because you make me skip coffee knowing that your effect on me already equals 10 cups of it. You are the 3-in-1 blend with ingredients that make me physically awake, emotionally happy, and mentally day-dreaming.

I like you because you make me scan through my phone for our recent messages whenever we’re not talking and I subconsciously smile staring at like it’s the first time I’ve read it. I have to fight myself to keep from smiling as it’s probably stupid doing it in public.

I like you because not telling you about the significant things that happened to me during the day feels like they didn’t happen at all. You’ve gone from being an ordinary notebook to being my personal diary. But even better because you respond back, and sharing with you makes everything more rewarding.

I like you because you amazingly turn my bad days to good ones with your wisdom and patience.

I like you because you make superheroes come to life. In that, you appear so tough on the outside yet are genuine and kind-hearted on the inside. You’re the kind of hero everyone needs – real.

I like you because you feel like an experience waiting to teach me lots of things about life. While we share a lot in common, we still have differences that are interesting enough to explore. Your opinions, passions, and point of view about things are endlessly intriguing.

I like you because you make saying “Good Night” the hardest thing to fulfill in a day’s task. Still, I sleep soundly knowing you’ll be there.

Wherever this liking may lead us, I’m happy that we’re living the moment. Indeed, it’s always the start, the crushing-on-each-other part, that makes every fleeting moment worth reminiscing. But among the things I’ve mentioned, I think nothing beats the top reason why I like you.

I like you because, most simply, you’re you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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