photo of person standing near body of water

I am not everyday

I am to be taken in small doses

If I overstay my welcome

You will start to feel sick

I am the first inhale of your cigarette

You enjoy me with every breath

Before flicking me into the street

I am the tuxedo you rent for the evening

Before returning it the next morning

To be dry cleaned

I am the gown you get a few uses out of

Because how many times

Could you possibly wear it

I am dessert

I am your indulgence

I am not your sustenance

I am Tuesdays and Fridays

And maybe special occasions

But I am not everyday

I am not your hometown

You are a tourist here

I am the city

You bomb with your lust

You memorize my streets and alleyways

You make your way around every corner

Attacking every curve

And you strike

With your gifts and your touch and your empty promises

I am the present under the tree

Wide-eyed, you unwrap me

You can’t get enough of me

Until you have

A new present

I am the level you complete in the game

I am not the finish line

I am not your goodnight kiss

Or your good morning text

I exist only in between your sheets

I am not an object of love

But of convenience

I am at your disposal

And dispose of me you will

But if you gave me a chance

To show you

That there is warmth here

Even as the flames turn me to ash

I will rise to form the wind at your back

Do not be afraid

I am built for permanence

I am tangible

I am sentient

I want to remain here

I could offer you my years

If you let me

But I am not everyday

What do you want to know?

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