24 Things I Still Don’t Understand At Twenty-Four

Sergei Solovev

1. Daylight savings.

2. People who ditch their friends the moment they get a boyfriend/girlfriend.

3. Geometry.

4. How to let go of someone you loved.

5. Football.

6. Why we only realize the golden days were golden once they’re over.

7. Whether or not I should apologize.

8. How you ever forgave me.

9. If you really need to pay attention to the check engine light every time it comes on in your car.

10. What to do when your best friend’s world is falling apart.

11. What to do when your world is falling apart.

12. The difference between Tylenol and Ibuprofen.

13. Why you have to go to the airport two hours before your flight.

14. How to thank your parents for everything.

15. How to stop a hangover.

16. Why mimosas give you a better drunk than any other drink on the planet.

17. How to stop feeling like you’re the actual worst human that has ever existed.

18. How to make new friends.

19. How to call your old friends and tell them you want to make things new again.

20. How to let yourself be loved.

21. How to do your taxes.

22. How to know when it’s time to deep-clean the kitchen again.

23. How much water you’re supposed to drink in a day.

24. How to feel okay, if only for this moment. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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