10 Traits You Have If You Grew Up In A Big Family

Annie Spratt

1. You’re really good at sharing.

You grew up in a big family, with tons of siblings and cousins everywhere so you didn’t have a choice when it came to sharing. As a result, you’re still really good at sharing now that you’re an adult.

2. You naturally talk loudly.

When you were growing up, you were used to having to speak over everyone else to be heard. Even though it’s kind of embarrassing, the volume of your voice is still louder than your friends who grew up in smaller families.

3. You’re good at brokering peace.

Being part of a big family means that there are multiple competing personalities that can come to a head. You’re good at being the middleman.

4. You’re used to being around people.

You were rarely at your house alone growing up so now, you’re used to being around people which can be helpful when it comes to social situations or living in the dorms as a freshman.

5. People are always shocked when you tell them how many kids are in your family.

Yes, there are five of us kids. Yep. Yep. I know, it’s a lot.

6. You don’t mind hand-me-downs.

Your first car was your sister’s first. Your first bike was your brother’s. And they all worked just fine.

7. You’re not high-maintenance because your parents were always trying to balance the needs of you and your siblings.

You understand that your issue is not always the priority which serves you into adulthood. Thanks, Mom & Dad! Turns out it was helpful that time you couldn’t take me to the mall.

8. Your siblings are your best friends and your worst enemies.

Siblings are weird. You love them more than anyone in the world but you’ve also had the worst fights of your life with them. As you get older, you get closer to them and you’d still freak out on anyone who’s mean to them. Also, it’s pretty awesome to have built-in friends who understand your childhood because they had the same one.

9. You’re used to conflict.

With so many people in one family, there’s bound to be conflict. It doesn’t phase you when people get into arguments and you’re really good at figuring out solutions.

10. Even with the hand-me-downs and the fights, you wouldn’t have chosen any other way.

Even though your own parents now admit it was absurd for them to have that many children. Whatever. You all turned out just fine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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