What Each Myers Briggs Personality Type Does On Tinder

Your Myers Briggs Personality type can say a lot about how you swipe.


Makes friends on Tinder. Likes conversing with new people and learning about their fellow humans.


Let’s go out on a date. Like, now. Knows what they want and goes straight for it.


Gets into an argument with someone over political views on Tinder. Refreshingly honest, may offend someone over a innocent remark. Most likely to list “adventures” as a requirement.


Asks a lot of personal questions, tries to figure matches out. Makes a date as easy as possible for you.


“Here for a good time not a long time.” No, they’re not mincing their words, they don’t beat around the bush. The status quo is the status quo.


Likes having a good time, the more the merrier. Always up to make new friends and meet new people. Confident and not afraid to show it.


When an ESTJ sees someone they like, they’ll make it clear. Goes for what they want.


Discussing mutual friends. Interested in the people around them and the way social circles overlap and intersect.


Can be shy from the outset but they’re usually just guarded and will open up in their own time.


Spontaneous free spirits, but may not be able to make up their mind for dates in a week’s time. Are you free Tuesday night? Uh…maybe…we’ll see.


Tinder is a game, right? So let’s make some rules. Don’t swipe right for this, swipe left for that, swipe right for this ONLY if that. Smokers? Nope. Dog person? Tick.


Love at first sight? Happens for ISFJs all the time. Forms attachments and decides this is the perfect guy/girl within a few pages of conversation. ISFJs aren’t fickle and tend to favour commitment.


Falls in love at first sight with the perfect match on Tinder and is crushed when they don’t match. But when they do, INFPs are enigmatic creatures who keep you guessing.


Genuinely on Tinder for a lazy swipe every now and then. Less likely to make the first move.


Attracts the sapiosexuals, because intelligence is attractive.


Sees through everyone’s facade and becomes a shoulder to cry on for someone who’s having a tough time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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