8 Things Couples Do That Are Way More Intimate Than Sex

Ariel Lustre

When we think of intimacy, our minds go straight to the gutter. Oh, don’t look at me like that. You know you thought of doing the hibbidy-dibbidy the moment you read the word intimacy. Truth be told, sex is a huge part of being intimate. It is, indeed, the closest you’ll ever be to another human- apart from pregnancy. But is sex the only way humans build intimacy? The answer is no. Intimacy is built through many different avenues. Here’s a list and now go, my wee ones! Go and get intimate with someone you love!


Going somewhere with your boo will be loads of fun and there’s no doubt about that. Seeing the world and experiencing all the wonderful things different cultures have to taste and see will be exhilarating! You will bond. You will create memories. You will take countless pictures and get incalculable instagram likes, but you’ll also become intimate in some unromantic ways. First off, poop. Poop will happen and it will make you closer as a couple. If you’re not living together prior to your trip, you may discover that your SO is an early riser who sings happily to “Mr.Sun”. You may want to murder them for being so happy in the morning and also for referring to the sun as “Mr. Sun”. You’ll also learn together and learn about how the other learns, which is always interesting. Maybe he’s a history buff and you like lying for hours on the sand doing nothing. You will learn to compromise on trips and your ability to make team-based decisions will be tested. This will, inevitably, bring you to another level of intimacy.


When one gets sick, the other will stay to keep company and make sure that fluid and meds are being taken. Trips to the grocery store are an adventure! The mundane things that we do in life, bring us closer to our forever person, because with each of these activities they become a little more a part of our lives. Life isn’t always jam-packed with fun stuff. Boring things bring us closer too.

Emotional Transparency

Feeling comfortable enough to cry , scream, and laugh a snort-y laugh in front of bae proves you have reached a high level of intimacy. You’re no longer afraid to be you in the rawest of ways. It creates intimacy because you’re not able to hide how you feel at any given moment.

Generating Togetherness

If you make babies, you’re making togetherness in family. If you’re inviting friends over for jenga night, you’re creating togetherness in friendship. You’re not just generating intimacy amid yourselves, you’re creating intimacy for your entire tribe.

Resolving Conflicts

Finding solutions to conflicts creates intimacy because you’re both thinking about how to put an end to arguing. In the end, a solution to a problem will strengthen your love and bond. Also, make up sex amiritie?


It’s not weird. It’s not gross. He’s not looking at your stretchies and judging you, you’re not looking at his beer gut and feeling like he’s unattractive. You’re perfectly comfortable with each other, which demonstrates that you’re close enough to know that those bodily imperfections mean absolutely nothing. Your intimacy exceeds a weird mole and bacne.

Shared Silence

An intimate couple will never feel the need to fill quiet moments with words. They feel comfortable and close just being together in the same space silently. There’s no tension in their silence, it’s never awkward.

Physical Closeness

Cuddling at any time, kissing at any time, hugging at any time; without thinking twice. There’s no asking for permission, there’s no wondering if it’s ok. Intimate couples thrive of physical closeness and they know that a kiss, a hug, or holding hands is a silent way of saying “I’m here for you”. TC mark

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