When You Fall In Love By Accident

Credit Thought Catalog Instagram (www.instagram.com/thoughtcatalog/)
Credit Thought Catalog Instagram (www.instagram.com/thoughtcatalog/)

You know he’s all wrong for you. Heck, he lives in Europe for Pete’s sake! Somehow this little sucker made his way into your heart and now you’re fucked. You’re both fucked. You both know that it won’t work out. You both know that he’ll never move to New York and that you’ll never, ever move to Italy.

His life is there, yours is here. Home is home no matter how much you feel someone.

You  made the grave mistake of getting lost in his eyes that night. Getting lost  in that greenish-blue that has forever ruined eyes for you. No one else will ever have eyes that beautiful.

He messed up by getting too close to you and touching your hair, touching your skin, memorizing your laugh. He’ll never forget your laugh.

You let yourself be enchanted by his story. A story so fantastic it seems untrue, but because you know him, you know it’s all true. You’ll never meet anyone this cool. You’ll never get the chance to be with someone this talented.

He likes your simplicity. You’re just like he imagined an American girl would be like. Sweet and charming. Happy at bar, but happier at a stoop with a six-pack and a bag of chips. He’ll draw you when you’re asleep and then crumble it up and put it in the trash, he won’t want you to see it, but you will cause you’re a snoop. He’ll do this  a lot back home. He’s looked at you so closely that he can now do it from memory and even when his sketch book is in his backpack and he’s too lazy to take it out, he’ll draw you in his mind.

You’ll both talk about the what ifs and dream about  flights from JFK to BLQ being really cheap so that “we could at least spend weekends together”.  This, of course, will never happen.

You’re a writer and he’ll become one of your main characters at some point. What you feel for him is so real that you’ll want to immortalize him. He’ll do the same for you in subtle ways. His paintings will have little reminders of you.  Little tokens of your time together splashed about in the sneakiest of ways.

You fell in love by accident and he may just be the one that got away. We all have that one, we will always be in love with that one a little. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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