I Hope This Life Brings You Joy

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Taylor Bryant

I hope life brings you joy. I hope that beautiful smile never wears off. I hope your heart fills with happiness, overwhelmingly.

I pray that your dreams come true. I pray that everything you have ever wished for comes to pass. That nothing ever gets in your way. Never.

I wish protection upon you. I pray that nothing hurts you, not in any way.

I pray that you get the love that you deserve. Yes. I pray that love comes your way. That you get to experience love in it’s essence. The love that you are truly worthy of. I hope you fall in love so much that it hurts. I hope you love so much that you forget what pain is like.

I wish your heart well. I pray that it gets a place to call home. A place it can always turn to whenever it needs a haven. I pray that you never get broken. That your heart becomes as strong as ever. I pray that you may always find your fill whenever you are running on empty.

I pray that your heart collects itself whenever it gets broken.

I pray that you find your place in this world. I pray that you know your worth. That you may stick to your heart.

I pray that you may let loose and enjoy life to it’s fullest. I pray that life may grant you all the moments you have always looked forward to.

I pray that the days be more satisfactory. That the light of every morning brings a ray of hope and joy to your life. I pray that each and every day, you may have the power to conquer the mountains you face.

I wish you could stop with all the guilt. The unnecessary pressure you put on yourself. I wish you could take a break from it all. From the world. Give yourself some credit. Breathe. Set yourself free.

I hope the stars at night guide your path on this journey of life and love.

I hope you never change for the world. I hope you don’t lose yourself.

I hope you find it in your pretty little heart to forgive me, and most importantly, yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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