When The World Turns Its Back On You, I Will Be There

Allef Vinicius

When the world turns it’s back on you, I promise to always be there for you, to be the one you can always count on.

When you feel lonely and forgotten, just know that I am always thinking of you. Just know that you are never alone.

When you feel like you are drowning in the difficulties of this world, I will be the one that pulls you away from it all.

When the world makes you feel ugly and unworthy of any love, my love for you will never quit. I will always see the beauty and worth the world fails to see – your heart.

When the world wishes doom and unhappiness upon your life, my whole world will work twice as hard to ensure your happiness, to ensure that beautiful smile stays.

When the world rejoices at your loss, mine will break apart at your loss. When the world rejoices at your tears, I will always be the one to wipe them off.

When the world wishes loneliness upon your life, I will always be there to kiss and hold you. I will forever be there to warm you with my love.

When the world sees betrayal and lies in your words, I will never fail to see the truth that is written all over your eyes.

When the world won’t see sense in your dreams, your future, I will do my best to keep you on focus till the end of the road.

When the world declares war on you, mine will declare war on them. My love will be your shield, your fortress. When the world declares hatred on yours, mine will declare it’s undying love and trust for you.

When the world sees you as inferior, looking down upon you, I will always see the might you hold from within. I will forever respect and adore you.

When your heart breaks, I will be the tape that keeps it together.

When the world has you under a microscope, when the world judges and scrutinizes you in everything you do, I will always love you in the clear. I will love you, just the way you are.

When the world curses you, wishing hell upon you, I will forever be praying for you.

When the world wishes darkness upon your life, I will be the light that guides you on your path.

When the world will be ashamed of you, I will always be proud of you.

I will love you, without fail. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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