To The Girl Who’s Afraid To Fall In Love

God & Man
God & Man

I know you are afraid to love, and that’s okay.

It’s only fair that your heart protects itself, no matter the cost.

A mere thought of letting yourself go and giving your heart to someone always drives you crazy.

“What if it happens like the last time?”

So many questions flood your mind at the thought of being vulnerable to someone else. But guess what, it’s okay.

It’s okay to freak the f**k out at the mere thought of love. It’s okay that you roll your eyes whenever you are with your friends whenever they talk about their significant others. It’s okay that you cancel your night out with friends whenever you learn of their S/O’s being there.

It’s okay that you feel hurt whenever you see a couple kissing in the park. It’s okay for you to think that love doesn’t really exist. It’s okay for you to push away even the one with purest of intentions, for you are not yet ready to lose yourself in someone only for your heart to be mishandled.

It’s okay that you are taking precautions, not letting your heart fall in wrong hands that will only crush it.

It’s okay to think that you deserve better, because you do. You deserve love, given without limits. You deserve to receive all the love as you give. You deserve to be treated as the queen you are. You deserve to be loved without question.

You deserve to be happy.

It’s okay to look yourself in the mirror each and every day and remind yourself of how beautiful you are, because yes, you are beautiful. Your heart is beautiful. And not at any point should you question your beauty or worth.

It’s okay that you remind yourself of what a strong girl you are, even though at times you feel quite the opposite. It’s okay to remind yourself of the power and strength you hold each and every day.

Let no one, no matter how much they hurt you, kill the animal within, the powerhouse of strength and will.

It’s okay to come across something that reminds you of the wonderful times you had with your ex and then try to shut out such memories. It’s okay to get comfort in such memories at times. It’s okay to be confused about your ex every once in a while, because what you felt for him was love, real love. Don’t hate yourself for feeling so.

It’s okay that your heart feels betrayed and bitter, weak. It hurts on the inside. It’s only human to feel so. Betrayal weakens the body and spirit, only for a while, but then you will emerge stronger than ever.

Your heart never knew if it could handle that much pain, but trust me, you can make it through, your heart will heal.

Let not betrayal weaken you, rather let it strengthen your heart.

It’s okay to feel lonely and want some time to yourself. Only then will you get to know yourself better. Only then will your heart get to untangle itself from the reprimand, the guilt of letting itself be mishandled.

It’s okay that you smile and pretend that everything is fine when clearly it’s not.

It’s okay to have those butterflies whenever you see the guy who lives next door. No, you are not weak. Your heart is not lose. That’s perfectly fine. That’s the beauty of your heart. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

It’s okay to be vulnerable to someone once more. It’s okay to give someone your heart. Let it race at the mention of his name or at the thought of him. Let someone light your life, let him be your sunshine when all is cloudy.

Let your heart thirst for love. Let your heart love again.

Let the what ifs die away because it’s okay to love once more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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