How To Love A Girl With A Broken Heart

Lydia Harper
Lydia Harper

It is said that time heals wounds, but for the broken heart, it’s different.

Only true love heals a broken heart.

Her heart yearns for love, yet it is afraid of the unseen, and the pain that might come as a result.

Don’t pity her because of the hurt she’s been through. Better yet, don’t show her you do. Rather, love her. Let her heart know of yours as home. Let it find comfort in yours. Remind her every day why you love her. Let her know, not only through your words but also through your actions. Care for her heart.

Teach her how to love herself once more. Let her know her worth and how much you value her. Let her embrace what and who she is as a whole. Teach her to see herself differently from how she does. Let her see what it is you see: the beauty in her brokenness.

Remind her each and everyday of how beautiful she is, of how she makes you feel. Remind her of how much dear she is to you. Remind her of the beauty she holds within her heart.

Embrace her scars, her pain. See the beauty in her pain, in the cracks in her heart. Love her flaws. Embrace and love each and every broken piece of her.

Don’t judge her. She isn’t perfect. She is bound to make mistakes, to do silly things. She will think with her heart;she will always have it as the first priority. Instead of judging her, love her and understand her heart.

Be patient with her. She will be selfish with her heart. Go slow with her heart. Teach it how to love and trust again. Her heart has been hurt before and so it doesn’t want to go through it again. She’s afraid of being an open book to you.

Take your time with her. Get to understand her heart, the beauty hidden in all the rebel of hurt and loss of trust.

She doesn’t need fancy or expensive things on Valentine’s day or on her birthday. All she needs is your love. All she needs is to know that you care. All she needs is your time.

She won’t ask for much. But give her your listening ear. Give her your shoulder to lean on whenever she feels overwhelmed. Let her always know that you will be there for her.

Be honest and true with her. Don’t give her a reason to doubt your love for her.

Appreciate the the little things she does for you. Let her know how much you value even the smallest of actions. Let her know how much you identify and appreciate her efforts.

Make her laugh. Put a smile on her face. Be her sunshine in the midst of the clouds. Make her happy.

Be strong for her. Be her fortress in times she won’t be able to defend herself, in times she will feel weak. Be the one to hold her hand, to support her. Be the one to wipe away her tears.

Be more than a stronghold for her heart. Be it’s protector.

Don’t be tired of holding her. Don’t let her go. Don’t be scared when the storm hits, when everything will feel bitter and heavy. Rather, hold her hand. Assure her that you will make it through the rough waters together. When the storms hit so hard that you find yourselves on the ground, help her up. Wipe the dust off of yourselves. Love her. Weather the storms with her.

Fight for her, fight with her.

Don’t promise her that which you can’t keep. Don’t lie to her only to disappoint her, only to crush her hopes and desires. Don’t give excuses. Don’t procrastinate your plans with her. Don’t keep her waiting on you most of the times. Don’t let her doubt your love, not even once.

Through your touch, let her always feel the love you have for her. Touch her, let it go deeper than that of physical desires. Let her feel loved and cared for. Let her feel valued and not see herself as some object of pleasure.

In your embrace, let her feel tiny, but safe. Let her feel more than secure. Let her heart feel secure.

Don’t tell her how much you love her only to break her heart. Don’t light up her world only to leave it cold and dark. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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