Let Me Have My Way With You Tonight

Calvin Smith
Calvin Smith

Come, lay with me.

Let me hold you close. Feel the heat emanate from my body, feel my blood pumping, my heartbeat, the you effect. Let me graze my fingers lightly over your body, let me electrify you.

Let yourself go, be free. Let me have you tonight.

Let me undress you slowly as we kiss, taking in each and every part of you. Tonight, let my eyes devour you.

Let me stroke your hair gently as we struggle to regulate our now out of control breathing. Let’s turn up the heat.

Allow me to taste you. Let me experience the natural taste of you that always has me going crazy. I’ll do it just right. Shhh, lay back, relax. Let me drive you crazy.

Let’s kiss. Let’s lose ourself in the sea of love, in our own world. Let me hold your face in my palms while our lips, gently but firmly, lock. Let our tongues find each other’s. Don’t hold back. The heat between us doesn’t have to cool down.

Let’s pull back for a moment. Let my eyes look deep into yours. Let my eyes tell you how much I want you. Let my hand travel south once more, let me feel your warmth.

Let’s not wait any longer.

We’ll start a little slow then we’ll pick up the pace once you are almost there. When your body won’t be able to hold back the intense build up in you, when you are there, I’ll bend down for a kiss. Take my face in your warm and tender palms, look me deep in the eyes, let me know how much into the moment you are. Breathe into me, let me feel your wave of satisfaction from head to toe.

When the wave is gone and you are calmer, I’ll try to match my breathing with yours as we slowly carry on.

When I’m there, I’ll look you in the eyes, just to show you how much I am into the moment.

Come, lay with me.
Let’s stay in this bed and never leave. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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