This Is How I Will Love You


I won’t call you beautiful only because of your stunning body, but because I see what other people don’t see and experience, that which is on the inside.

I won’t say that I love you only when we share our most intimate and special parts, but because I truly and deeply love you.

I won’t ever tell you the things that light you up because I feel obligated to do so, or because they make you feel good, but because I really do mean every single word.

I won’t ever feel bad when we are in public and people notice you.I’ll squeeze your hand and pull you in for a kiss, for I will never be ashamed of you.

I won’t ever give up my love for you.

I won’t ever try to change you, not in any way, because darling, you are perfect just the way you are.

I won’t ever allow anyone to call you names that are quite degrading or insulting because they don’t know you like I do. For you I’ll go to war, literally.

I won’t allow anything and anyone come between us for the love that we have is too good to give up.

I won’t take chances with you. You are too precious for me to lose.

I won’t think of you only when I’ll be in desperate need of your body, but because I’ll be really missing your company, your warm smile that makes everything go away. The smile that creates a whole new world.

I won’t ever hesitate to introduce you to my family and friends because what I feel, what we have, is far greater than what anyone thinks.

I won’t ever take your love for granted.

I’m still learning to love someone like you and no matter how long it takes me, I’ll take my time. I’ll learn you. I’ll learn how to love someone like you.

Now take my hand, let’s walk this journey called love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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