In 2018, You Deserve A Guy Who Loves You Just Like This

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You deserve a guy who chooses you every day. The guy who never stops investing in you. The guy who creates opportunities to discover life with you. The guy who is scared of losing you but still takes a chance because he doesn’t want to live in a world where he’s not your lover and you are not his. The guy who chooses to work things out with you than have it perfect with someone else. You deserve the guy who picks you out of everyone because his heart beats for you alone.

In 2018, you deserve the guy who commits to you instead of playing around with your heart.

The guy who buys you flowers on your birthday instead of making you cry. The guy who takes you out on dates instead of hiding you in his bedroom. The guy who builds a good relationship with your family instead of fighting with them. The guy who gets to know your friends instead of feeling jealous of them.

You deserve a guy who treats you well. The guy who apologizes when he’s wrong. The guy who cuddles you to sleep and wakes you up with kisses. The guy who does things for you without you asking. The guy who takes care of you when you’re sick, depressed or just tired. The guy who doesn’t break his promises, cancel last minute, or bail on you when you need him the most. The guy who tells you how beautiful, smart and sexy you are.

You deserve a guy who takes a bullet for you. The guy who stands by your side and defends you. The guy who protects you from the assholes out there. The guy who goes in war for you. The guy who is confident that what you have is real and rare, worth it. The guy who blindly believes in you. The guy who supports your dreams. The guy who helps you achieve your goals in life. You deserve the guy who chooses love over money, love over distance, love over difference, you over the game.

In 2018, you deserve the guy who admits he loves you. You deserve the guy who shows the world he loves you. And you deserve the guy whose love never dies because he will always love you back, if not even more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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