This Is Why She Can’t Let You Go

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She can’t let you go because there’s something about her. She doesn’t give-up on people; she fights for them until the end. She loves too much; her love knows no boundaries. She is selfless, she is forgiving and she is breath taking. But the truth is, she can’t let you go because there’s something about you. There’s something in the way you move. There’s something in the way you look at her. There’s something in the way you hold her. There’s something in the way you and her are just so prefect for each other. And that’s why she’s addicted to you.

She can’t let you go because she’s addicted to the little things about you. She’s addicted to your smile and how it lights up her world. She’s addicted to your silly jokes and kind spirit. She’s addicted to hearing your voice because it plays music to her ears. She’s addicted to how her name sounds when it leaves your lips. She’s addicted to calling you, texting you, snapping you. She’s addicted to checking on you throughout the day. She’s addicted to caring too much about you, to worrying you about all the time, to loving you no matter what you do.

She can’t let you go because she’s addicted to loving you 24/7. She’s addicted to hugging you, kissing you, and cuddling with you. She’s addicted to the feeling she gets when she’s around you. She’s addicted to feeling alive. She’s addicted to feeling loved. And she’s addicted to feeling like a goddess. She’s addicted to living the fairytale she’s always dreamed about. She’s addicted to being the one and only. She’s addicted to being someone’s queen, someone’s plus one, someone’s forever.

She’s addicted to loving you because it’s the strongest drug of them all. Because with you, everything makes sense. Because with you, she’s the girl she wants to be. Because with you, she becomes the woman she could be.

She can’t let you go because she’s addicted to sharing herself with you. She’s addicted to letting you know her for who she really is. She’s addicted to being understood, supported and appreciated. She’s addicted to feeling accepted for her flaws and imperfections. She’s addicted to being seen. She’s addicted to telling you about her ambitions and dreams. She’s addicted to sharing a future with you, she’s addicted to building a family with you, she’s addicted to creating a legacy together. And she’s addicted to allowing you to unravel all of her.

She can’t let you go because letting you go means letting go of a piece of her. Letting you go means letting fear take over what her heart wants. Letting you go means choosing the ending of something beautiful over the beginning of something magical. Letting you go means living a life without you in it. Letting you go means losing her happily ever after. TC mark


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  • Jordan

    But i have to let you go 😔

    Im not going to see kyle.Im not gona msg any of my exes again,I’m never looking back again.kyle is in my past and so are you.Im moving on to better and bigger helped me become a stronger person and im thankful for that.You helped me see that im not invincible,that I too can feel pain and get my heart broken like everyone else ,but guess what:D this too shall pass..This experience wi bring me closer to God and help me love myself again because while I was with you,I was so busy trying to prove that i love you,i forgot to love myself.So here’s to me being as selfish as i want to be with no one holding me back.

    Bye nigga.

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