Hate To Break It To You, But There’s No Such Thing As ‘Soulmates’

Ariel Lustre

There’s no such thing as soulmates because you are unique in your own way. You will find a couple of people who you see yourself in. You will meet that person who completes your sentences and all the missing pieces of your heart. You will find the one who loves you in an extraordinary way. You will feel such an out of this world kind of connection with someone. You will meet someone for the first time and feel like you’ve known them forever. And you will meet someone who just gets you and everything with them will feel good, easy, natural, effortless. But, really all it means is that you are in sync on some kind of level. All it means is that you met someone you’re compatible with.

There’s no such thing as soulmates because nothing lasts forever. Truth is, everything in this world comes to an end. And to say someone is your soulmate is to say that you are meant for each other till the end of time. But, love alone is never enough.

Saying someone is your soulmate is another way of allowing yourself to be lazy. To take them for granted. To think being yourself is enough. To live life like you have seen it all. Love is more than just a feeling. Love goes beyond physical intimacy. Love rests in the actions of the doer.

There’s no such thing as soulmates because love is limitless. You have the freedom to choose who you want to be with. And believing that you have a soulmate demolishes your freedom to make mistakes, to fall for the wrong people, to love the broken parts of you. The amount of responsibility that you give away in believing that there’s someone out there just for you is terrifying. Because you unconsciously start to seek for perfection and end-up sabotaging some great relationships. It also means that you start relying on someone else to complete you, to heal you, to make you happy again, to make life worth living. And that’s dangerous. Because the only one who can save you, is you.

There’s no such thing as soulmates because a soulmate like connection can be made with anyone and to be honest, that takes away from it being special. You can have a spark with a friend, a family member, a mentor, or a stranger. Having a solid relationship with people does not depend on the connection you have with them as much as it depends on your and their characteristics.

You cannot build a lasting foundation with someone who is unkind, unfaithful, or just not interested. And you surely cannot keep some things alive because some things just don’t work or if they do, they work for a little while and never blossom. Because forcing things to be in a certain way is another way of denying them of their own beauty.

And what is more romantic than watching someone become your person? What is more romantic than having someone invest in you, learn about you, make memories with you? But most importantly, what is more romantic than being chosen out of everyone to be someone’s person like they are yours? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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