Why Strong Women Don’t Just Want Sex, But Need Passion

Allef Vinicius

Strong women don’t just want sex, they need to feel wanted for who they are not for the idea of what someone thinks they are. They’re confident, they know what they want and they understand their needs. The person they will choose, needs to be great at meeting them where they are at. Because they don’t seek attention, they look for affection. They love you out of desire instead of just pure need.

Strong women embrace their own beauty. And they expect sex to be a beautiful experience. From the perspective of strong women, what makes sex a beautiful experience is that it allows them to be vulnerable and strong at the same time. Vulnerable in the sense that they let someone see them with no walls, no masks and no filters. And strong in the sense that they aren’t afraid to give someone the space to be themselves in return. Therefore, strong women don’t want just any type of sex. They want the sex that makes them feel things, the sex that adds to their happiness, the sex that turns them to better lovers.

Strong women don’t just want sex, they need to be loved for their imperfections. They want someone who gets them. Someone who understands where their strength comes from. Someone who sees how their confidence and brave soul set them apart from everyone else. Someone who thinks their fire is sexy as hell. Someone who appreciates how their passion for life and hope for the future got them through their darkest hour and let them to their brightest days.

Strong women don’t just want sex, they need a deep connection. Strong women are emotional, sensitive and empathetic. But, they are also tough, decisive and in control when they need to be. So they need to have a special bond with the person they are with because it’s their to go place at the end of the day. It’s where they turn to when they are in doubt, in defeat or in need for some rest. Strong women want that kind of connection of a life time: the one they read about and watch in the movies, the one they believe in, the one they’re deserving of.

Strong women don’t just want sex, they need passion because to them, it’s what makes the journey worthwhile. Sex is easy to find and easier to get. Strong women are used to work for the things they have. They have earned the life they have and they look for the same gratification and success in their love life. They want kisses that take their breath away because they can handle it. They want hugs that make them feel at home because they’ve been searching for it this whole time. They want someone who surprises them, someone who challenges them, someone who inspires them. They want someone who blows their mind away in uncomfortable situations because they, themselves aren’t afraid of apologizing when they are wrong, they aren’t afraid of being rejected and they aren’t afraid of voicing their opinion.

Strong women want to be with strong men. And a strong man is a passionate man. Someone who views needing someone as a strength not a weakness. Someone who understands commitment as a fluid communication and solid friendship. Someone who isn’t afraid to show his emotions, to wear his heart on his sleeve, to take risks in the name of love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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