8 Ways A Strong Woman Acts Differently When She’s Falling In Love

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1. She Slows You Down

Unlike other women, a strong one slows you down when she’s falling in love with you. She takes things step by step because she doesn’t want to mess-up what you have. She understands the importance of being patient. She makes you wait.

2. She Has A Good Relationship With Your People

One thing that a strong woman in love does differently is that she shares the love she has for you with the world. A strong woman doesn’t get threatened by the relationship you have with your family and close friends. She admires that you have such great love in your life. She puts effort in spending time with them. She gets them heartfelt gifts. She shows-up at events that mean something to them. She’s not there for you but she’s also there for them. They become an important part of her life too.

3. She Has Tough Conversations With You

A strong woman knows what she wants and she goes after it. And when she’s falling in love with you, she has vulnerable and honest pillow talks with you to see if you are the one for her. She asks you about how your relationship with your father shapes the man you are today. She asks you about what makes you happy and if you’re satisfied with what you have together. A strong woman strips your thoughts unfiltered. She wants to see your dark side, your soft spot and your weakest moments.

4. She Gives You Space

A strong woman gives you space because she wants you to spend time with her out of choice not obligation. She lets you do your thing. She encourages you to hang out with your friends and see your family. She helps you strengthen your lifestyle, the one she fell in love with in the first place. A strong woman proves to you that your fear of commitment is just in your head. She shows you all the reasons why you want to be with her and only her forever.

5. She Tests Your Character

A strong woman who’s falling in love with you isn’t afraid to put your character to test. She needs to find out for herself whether you are worth it or not. She lets you take the lead to see how you handle yourself when you’re in control. She wants to see if you’re a good teammate or not. A strong woman pays attention to how you treat other women and how you speak of the important ones in your life.

6. She Doesn’t Let Things Slide

A strong woman in love is a woman who holds her ground. She doesn’t settle for your lack of investment. She doesn’t buy things you say that don’t make sense. She lets you know when she’s upset and why she is. Because a strong woman stands-up for herself. She doesn’t let you take her furious heart for granted. And she doesn’t let you insult her intelligence.

7. She Doesn’t Do Something She’s Not Okay With

What makes a strong woman strong when she’s in love is that she doesn’t forget where she’s come from and who she is. She doesn’t lose herself in the other person. A strong woman doesn’t compromise when it comes to her principles. She wouldn’t do something just because you asked. She doesn’t go somewhere she’s uncomfortable going because it’s what you want. She doesn’t do something she doesn’t agree with, something that doesn’t align with her beliefs.

8. She Changes You

A strong woman in love brings the best in you. She unintentionally inspires you to be a better man. She makes you fall in love with life all over again. A strong woman gives you from her strength and so you become braver, more forgiving and kinder. You find yourself caring more about everything else. And you want to be more, to do more. A strong woman lets you find the way on your own but she’ll be with you every step of the way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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