Date Someone Who Is Absolutely Not Your Type

Kelly Sikkema

Because they’ll teach you more things about your type than your type would. They’ll show you the things you like about your type, the things that attract you to them, the things that drive you wild. They’ll also show you the things that your type is lacking, the things that you overlook, the things about them that connect to your childhood; the best memories of your life and the most painful experiences.

Because with them you’ll be yourself without filters. When you’re dating someone who’s your type, a part of you thinks that you need to impress them or swoon them over. With someone who’s not your type, you care less about what they think of you and if they see you as good enough. You’ll be beautifully yourself and will unapologetically share the parts of you that make you unique without fear of judgment. And so you’ll be confident in who you are and what you bring to the table.

Because they’ll push you out of your comfort zone. With someone who’s not your type, you’ll see a different world of things out of your interest. And that will allow you to learn more about the areas that you need to work on within yourself. They’ll challenge you to go to that sports game that you wouldn’t go to, they’ll inspire you to talk to that group of people that you wouldn’t approach, they’ll lead your hand to the dance floor.

Because you will not see yourself with them. Date someone who is absolutely not your type because you will be carefree from commitment. You won’t let your obsession of knowing where the relationship is going to haunt you or destroy the connection you have. You’ll allow things to grow organically and you’ll go with the flow.

For the first time, you’ll let go of being in control or worrying about what’s going to happen next. For the first time, you’ll enjoy the moment. Not any moment, but the moment that changed your perspective on love and relationships forever. The moment that you stopped talking and started listening. The moment that you began seeing instead of just looking. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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