Why Taking A Break Can Actually Completely Save Your Relationship

 Amanda Jordan
Amanda Jordan

It’s not easy. And it’s probably the last thing you want to do right-now. But, it’s necessary. Sometimes in life taking a step back is what gets us what we want. There are moments when we are so caught-up in a given situation that we lose sense of everything else. And that’s so scary because we stop seeing beyond what matters and begin to lose perspective, to lose purpose.

And when that happens, you start to view your relationship as a dark cloud shading your life. It becomes miserable and stressful; a hell you are running from. You fight more than you love. You argue rather than talk. You get hurt and you become hurtful. You stop trying. In fact, you give-up!

You run out of reasons to be with them. You start to change because you become resentful of any sort of emotional connection with the world. Your feelings, your emotions, your passions all get shut down. Getting out of bed becomes a challenge. Thinking good thoughts becomes nearly impossible. The world you once viewed as beautiful becomes a nightmare.

You need to take a step back to remember who you once were. To remember what brought you together. To remember what you loved about them the most. To remember what made them so precious, so special, so worth it.

You need a break because you are human. Maybe you will get the rest you needed so badly. Maybe your head will find a peace of mind. Maybe your heart will stop racing and aching. Maybe you will be kind to yourself and acknowledge how put together you have been when life was storming the sanity out of you. It’s nice to devote yourself to someone but if you’re going through so much shit, you probably want to shift more focus on you. It doesn’t make you an asshole. It doesn’t make you selfish. And it doesn’t mean that you are a bad lover. It only means that you need to take care of you because if you are not well, then your relationship isn’t well either.

Maybe you will feel connected to them all over again because that’s when you’ll see that you don’t just need, that you don’t just want them, that you don’t just love them. Maybe you’ll see how with them things feel good. And how they make you feel safe and at home. Maybe you just got lost and taking a break will actually take you back to them.

Spending time apart brings you closer because it makes you miss them. It allows you to go out to the world and have wonderful experiences that you want to share. It reminds you that you are more than just your relationship.

It lets you enjoy freedom and independence that you need as an individual. You’ll get recharged of all the ingredients that make you sexy, interesting, a breath of fresh air. Not being with them helps you understand what they mean to you. And it lets you see all the ways they add value to your life.

You need to take a break because most relationships end when people have a different idea of the connection; what it means to them and where it’s heading. You need to take a break because you need to take care of yourself and your mental health. You need to take a break because you deserve to have a normal, healthy connection with someone. You need to take a break so you don’t lose yourself. You need to take a break so love doesn’t turn to hate. And you need to take a break because sometimes taking a break is all you need to do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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