Things An Asshole Never Tells You Because It Makes Him Vulnerable

Ethan Sykes

An asshole is an asshole for a good reason. He’ll never tell you the things that matter. He’ll never speak of his truth. He’ll never have real answers for your questions.

I’m Sorry.

He never apologizes because he’s an asshole. He thinks he’s too good to apologize for anyone especially those he has hurt and treated badly. Sorry is a word that does not exist in his dictionary. What does exist though are: “it’s your fault”, “not my problem”, “I told you I was an asshole.”

I Love You.

Well, good luck with that! If you’re waiting for an asshole to tell you how he “really” feels then you’re waiting for a lifetime. An asshole never comes clean about his raw emotions and real feelings. He tells you he likes you and that he has feelings for you. He never seems to dive deeper to where you want him to go. Always keep in mind that assholes don’t believe in love which is the main reason they never confess their love for you. Assholes don’t know how to love and be loved. It’s like they’re allergic to love and their reaction is not by any means healthy or normal.

The Truth.

Assholes always leave relative information out. They are very selective about the details they share about themselves. They tell you what they think you should know and not what you actually need to know. They choose what to tell you based on what serves their best interest. They think about the moment and disregard the impact hiding shit or telling lies will have in the future. They’re always only thinking of themselves. Asking an asshole for the truth is asking someone for something they don’t have. In other words, the truth is something an asshole can never give.

I Miss You.

He misses the idea of you. He misses the attention, the ego boost. He misses the way you touch him not your touch. He misses your words after your silence. He misses you sometimes. He misses you when he sees you doing better. He misses you when you stop missing him. Pretty much, he misses you when it’s too late and when it really doesn’t matter anymore.

I Think about You.

An asshole never gives you the impression that you are the only one. He never tells you that you’re on his mind because that would be a death sentence to his “I don’t give a fuck about you” attitude. He doesn’t tell you he thinks about you when he goes to bed and that you’re the first thing that crosses his mind in the morning. He doesn’t tell you that he heard your favorite song on the radio and wanted to call you. He doesn’t tell you he drives by your place after work and when he can’t sleep at night because all he can do is think. about. you. He doesn’t tell you that he thinks about the future and that he sees you in it.

I Need You.

He acts like your absence will make his life better. He convinces you that you don’t matter and that you’re easily replaceable. He doesn’t tell you how much he needs your affirmation. He doesn’t tell you how much he craves your affection. He doesn’t tell you that your smile makes his worries go away. He doesn’t tell you that a look from your eyes makes him feel safe.


An asshole never asks you to stay although he’s dying for you to stay. He tells you not to come back. He makes you feel unwelcomed and that he has better things to do than spend time with you. He gets busy, picky and bitchy. He makes it very hard for you not to leave. And so you left. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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