I Have No Room For Assholes Like You In My Life

Daniel Monteiro

I have no place for weak, insecure boys because my life is a battlefield only real man can handle. I have no time for fuckboys because their act is just an insult to my intelligence. I have no interest in making someone love me for who I am because I am not everybody’s cup of tea, thank goodness.

I like men who are straightforward about who they are and what they want. I like men who are still looking for themselves but are not lost. Men who are in touch with their morals and values who know boundaries, right from wrong. Men who turn a bad situation to a good one because they pass the test when are challenged. I like grown-ass, confident men who were raised by strong, extraordinary women. The loving and kind not abusive and cruel, the vulnerable not guarded, the joyful not miserable. Men who add to manhood not take away from it.

I have zero tolerance for men who lie, twist the truth and are loaded with secrets. I have zero respect for those who deceive to get what they want; the ones who blindside others and give false hope. I don’t understand selfish. I don’t speak it. I don’t practice it.

I’m impatient when it comes to games. I’m insensitive about bad behavior. I have no room for men who make love an option instead of a priority. The men who think they’re too good for love and that no woman will ever get a hold of their love. Those whose heart are not in it.

I have absolutely no room whatsoever for men who are out to destroy women, their self-worth, their dreams, their lives. The type of men who are never there, the kind that leaves you with a lesson instead of a good memory.

I don’t get how men like you go to bed every night knowing that someone out there can’t sleep because of the pain you caused them. I don’t see how you can look yourself in the mirror and feel okay when someone can’t because of how you made them feel about themselves. I don’t know how you have it in you to pretend that you are worthy while someone out there thinks she’s not because of you. I don’t understand how you can respect yourself mind you not love who you are after everything.

Heartbreak is inevitable but I have no room for it because I know life is greater than that. Because I know that love is more than disappointment, more than pain, more than just fear. I know that bad things happen for a reason. I know that the road to something magical is difficult but is worth it. And I know things don’t work from the first try or else, what’s the point? If it wasn’t for heartbreak, we would not have learned to be strong. If it wasn’t for mistakes, we would not have learned to be wise. And if it wasn’t for assholes like you, we wouldn’t have learned how indestructible, capable and deserving we are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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