8 Types Of Assholes You Will Fall For At Least Once In Your Life

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1. The Prince Charming.

This asshole is the full package. He’s good to look at. He dresses moderately. He says the right thing at the appropriate setting. He’s knowledgeable about various aspects of life. He’s a social butterfly and a flirt. This type of assholes always puts on a great show that you forget you were a part of it.

2. The Manipulator.

This is the asshole who gets away with shit without trying. He makes everything your fault and you believe it. He lies to you about everything yet you believe him. He doesn’t mean what he says and his actions don’t match his words. He makes you feel a tremendous amount of guilt for having a brain that works. He makes you think that you’re untrusting or suspicious all of the time. He drives you crazy then calls you insane. Pretty classic act right there!

3. The Almost.

This type of the asshole is the one that runs away seconds before everything could have entirely changed. He almost told you he loved you. He almost proposed. He almost told you everything. He almost took that one step, almost did that one thing, almost said that one word that could have changed everything. But, he did not. He could have yet he chose not to.

4. The Fuckboy.

This type of asshole doesn’t tell you what he “really” wants. He just wants to get into your pants. He doesn’t see you as an actual person with feelings and shit. He’ll do what it takes to get his share of the cake and the icing. He makes you think that there’s something but truth is it’s all in your head.

5. The Blindsider.

Out of sexual context, this is the asshole who misleads you. He has no intention to be with you whatsoever and does not see a future with you. He makes you live on false hope. He gives you mixed signals. He runs hot and cold. He leads you on to think that you are the one while in fact you are one among many. He makes you think that you are special although you’re just a number to him.

6. The Self-Centered.

This type of asshole sees only himself. He always sees things from his perspective and fails to see where you are coming from. He’s a drama queen when things are happening to him and cold hearted when you’re going through it. He doesn’t acknowledge your struggles or success. And he surly does not consider the consequences of his choices on you or on the connection you share together.

7. The Emotionally Abusive.

This type of asshole makes you feel horrible about yourself. He criticizes your body and magnifies your insecurities. He’s obsessed with being in-control. He makes you feel like you are not good enough and that you’ll never be good enough for him. He makes you feel that you are the problem. He makes feel less of a person for his shortcoming. He makes you feel like you’re absolutely nothing.

8. The Pretentious.

This type of asshole shows you a future. He makes you invest love, effort and time in his potential. The kind of potential he’ll never reach. He makes you feel that what you have is something real, something that is worth it. He lets you think that he’s the man for you and that the two of you have what it takes. He wants to be with you for now, like this on his own terms. For a moment, you’ll think he’s the one. Just for a moment, you’ll think “this is it.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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