50 Questions We’re Scared To Ask Them When We Don’t Know Where We Stand

 Trinity Kubassek
Trinity Kubassek

1. Do you love me or do you love the idea of me?

2. You love me at all to begin with?

3. What is the real reason you are not ready for a relationship?

4. Do you like me for the right reasons?

5. Are you with me out of choice or just out of chance?

6. Do you think of us as temporary or long-term?

7. Why do you project your past experiences on us?

8. Do you see me for who I am or do you see what you want to see in me?

9. Am I a priority or a plan B?

10. Do you miss me for me or do you miss having someone around?

11. What’s the point of all this?

12. Do you care for me or you just think you do while you actually don’t?

13. Are your intentions for me pure?

14. Am I good enough for you or am I more than enough?

15. Will you ever meet my needs?

16. Are you over your ex or are you pretending?

17. Will you ever tell me the truth of how you feel about me?

18. Or, will you let me go like everyone else did?

19. Are we on the same page?

20. Why did you come back over and over again while you act like I am nothing to you?

21. What is your biggest fear about me? About our connection?

22. Why are you hot and cold, yes and no?

23. That googly look you give me every time I do something silly, what does it mean?

24. Would you say that I am the person of your dreams?

25. How would you rate our sexual chemistry?

26. Do you think what we have is worth the trouble?

27. Why me?

28. What is one thing that you wish you would change about me?

29. How do you feel about our emotional and mental connections?

30. Do I bring value to your life?

31. Or, am I just filling a momentary empty space?

32. Do you feel those magical moments too or is it just me?

33. Who is this person, who is that person? What is going on here?

34. Will you ever catch-up with how I feel about you?

35. Or, am I going to always love, care, invest more?

36. In a year from now, who do you see yourself with?

37. What do you mean when you say that you miss me sometimes?

38. Do you really forgive me when I unintentionally hurt you?

39. What do you mean when you say that I am different?

40. If someone asks you about me, what would you tell them?

41. Why do you make me feel that love is a mission impossible?

42. Would you be there for me when I need you the most?

43. We know about each-other more than most people do, but do we know each-other well?

44. Do you regret me?

45. Will I become a memory?

46. Do you think of me as a burden or as a gift?

47. Am I waiting for something that will never happen?

48. Do we stand a chance in love?

49. Or, are we lost souls looking for love in all of the wrong places?

50. Am I waiting for someone who will never come? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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