What Happens When A Dreamer And A Cynic Fall In Love

 frank mckenna
frank mckenna

Dreamers love magic, cynics love logic. Dreamers drive cynics wild, cynics keep dreamers safe. Dreamers run towards love, cynics run away from it.

Before a dreamer and a cynic fall in love with each-other, the world continues to function at its normal course. Dreamers believe that love lasts and cynics believe that love doesn’t really exist. Dreamers think love is a feeling and cynics believe love is a thought. Cynics are more about theory and dreamers are more about practice. Dreamers are hopeless romantics, cynics are just hopeless.

While cynics are falling in love with dreamers, they are in denial. They’ll do anything to escape confronting themselves about how they feel towards a dreamer. Cynics begin to lose control when they catch themselves in love with that annoying thing called a dreamer. They begin having nightmares about opening-up about their feelings and what they’re thinking. They become passive aggressive when a dreamer pushes them to be brave. So they push dreamers away in hopes for the connection to fade instead.

Dreamers will say I love you first. They’ll overwhelm the cynics with their love, passion and desire. They might even scare them off. Dreamers will be consistent; they’ll walk the talk and keep their promises. They will shower cynics with attention and care. Cynics will try to avoid the intensity of the situation. They’ll invest the least time and energy possible because they don’t see a point in watering a flower that will eventually die.

Sex between a dreamer and a cynic is an endless battlefield. A fantasy come true. A struggle for power. It’s hot and romantic but cold and mean. The pain becomes so great that it begins to overshadow the pleasure. Dreamers look at cynics and see beautiful movement while cynics see an exotic physique.

They love in very different ways, almost contradictory. And that reflect on their sexual encounter with one another.

Dreamers want to be pushed out of their comfort zone, cynics like to be given space. They feel so close to one another yet so distant. The connection between a dreamer and a cynic is undeniable. They’re attracted to each other on mental, physical and emotional levels. They’re both blown away by what they experience for each other because the connection feels different. Good kind of different. Scary kind of different.

The arguments between a dreamer and a cynic are interesting. Dreamers argue the mind of a cynic, and cynics argue the heart of a dreamer. Dreamers fight for their vision and cynics fight for their opinion. They fight each-other because they care for one another and are so desperately hoping to get the other person to see things from their perspective. They hurt each other in their arguments but they always find their way back. They love the excitement and they fear the disappointment.

All a dreamer and a cynic want at the end of the day is to believe, to see, to touch.

After dreamers fall in love with cynics their perspective of the world they once saw in colors gets wounded and they start seeing the world in Grey. They turn into calculated risk takers. They suddenly find themselves tied-up with trust issues and heartache that stop them from being the innocent child in love.

Dreamers become less naïve. Cynics start feeling their heart beat again. Dreamers and cynics in love is either a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare. Their life evolves. The texture of their touch changes. The flavour of their kiss is breath-taking. Their hugs feel like home. Their eyes alone tell stories.

We learn a great deal about love from such an experience especially if we once were the dreamer and the cynic. Maybe we should lean more towards being a dreamic; someone who’s a dreamer and a cynic at the same time. It would be lovely, don’t you think? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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