The Choice: The Asshole VS The Nice Guy


Who would you choose? What would be your deal-breaker?

The Nice Guy is the one who remembers every single detail you tell him. He even remembers things about your family and people who are close to you. The nice guy is the one you can count on and will be there whenever you need him. He calls when he says he will call. He texts you back in a timely manner. He takes you out on dates. He makes a fuss about important events in your life, like your birthday, graduation, or your new job.

He brings-up the idea of you two being in a relationship and is open about sharing intimate details about his life. He’s the one who gives you genuine compliments like; you have beautiful eyes or your outfit looks on point today. He says he misses you and he wants to see you. He’s the one who says you look good after a 12 hour shift. He tells you he likes you and he shows it. He lets you see the real him.

The Asshole is the one who knows the basic stuff about you like where you are from and what your interests are. He remembers things to a certain extent and seems to forget stuff because he never bothered to learn more about you. He’s the one who isn’t there when you need him and is there when he needs you. If he calls you, he calls when it’s suitable for him and whenever he feels like it not necessarily when he said he would or when he should. His texts although are short, they are vague. He invites you to Netflix and Chill.

He’s not ready for a relationship, he’s not ready to date, he’s not ready for anything that leads somewhere other than his bedroom. He compliments your physique, your sexy outfits, and your ability to express your sexuality. He tells you he likes you but his actions don’t bear witness. He hides his true self from you.

The nice guy mends your heart while the asshole breaks it.

The nice guy is straightforward and the asshole is mysterious. The asshole challenges you in a way and the nice guy comforts you. The nice guy makes you better, the asshole leaves you bitter. The nice guy brings the sweet side in you, the asshole brings the stronger side of you.

The nice guy teaches you the importance of trust and the asshole teaches you the importance of listening to your gut. You learn from the nice guy to fight and from the asshole you learn to let go. The nice guy lets you be simple, the asshole makes you complicated. The nice guy agrees with you and the asshole argues with you.

One of the few things that the asshole and the nice guy have in common is that they are both missing a half that makes them complete in a sense. At some point, we tend to lose interest in the nice guy and the asshole.

We want the element of danger, but we want to feel safe. We want to be naughty every now and then, maybe a little more than that. And ironically, we want to be saints and down to earth people. We want to be treated with utter most respect and have a gentleman by our side and we want to be thought of as a sex goddess.

We want someone who is kind and strong, playful and responsible, spontaneous and serious, intelligent and humble, logical and emotional all when he needs to be. We want that magical line of balance. We want the good stuff about the asshole and the good stuff about the nice guy in one person. Meaning, we want a man who is masterful at living; he’s on the top of the world and he’s on Earth at the same time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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