You Are Worth The Risk

Hernan Sanchez

If there’s anything certain in life, it’s that life is uncertain.

As individuals, we are constantly growing and changing. Our goals and perspectives change as we meet more people and experience more adventures.

There’s no guarantee in friendships either, they may dissipate or stay strong over the years as we navigate through our own paths in life. Many other things can happen without your control – a loved one may get terminally ill, the company you work for goes into bankrupt and you lose your job, a natural disaster may destroy your home.

So many can change in a blink of an eye. One that is the most uncertain but everyone wants and looks for however, is love. Even with the person you’ve been with for decades, even if you started so in love in the beginning, things happen, we change and love may disappear. But you know what? With you, I feel safe.

With the right person, the uncertainties and risks seem less scary.

When you know that they’re good for you and you can feel that they care, you’re both in it together, you’re both all in, that’s what really matters. To know that the person cares about you just as much as you do about them, you feel safe and that the risk is worth it.

So, bring it on universe, throw at us whatever challenges, speedbumps, and uncertainties you have. Because even if in the end this love may end unexpectedly or through the times like some things do, right now, I feel the safest I’ve ever been and together, we’ll weather the storm. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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