5 Things You Should Never Wear On A First Date If You Want Him To Take You Seriously


After a few first dates where you felt uncomfortable, you’ve probably started to learn what you should and should not wear on a first date. What you wear does contribute to his first impression of you, and what you wear helps you to present who you are. Wearing the wrong outfit can certainly give him the wrong impression, and if you feel uncomfortable on the date or regret what you’re wearing, it’ll show through as a lack of confidence and manifest as negative energy during the date. Here are 5 things you should never wear on a first date if you want him to take you seriously:

1. The overly sexy outfit

Sure, I get it. You want to look sexy on a date. You want to feel desirable and you want him to be attracted to you. But, there’s a line and if you cross it, you’ll give him the wrong impression and he might decide you’re not so classy after all. If you’re going to wear a short skirt, don’t also wear a low-cut top. If you’re going to wear a low-cut top, don’t get too deep on that v-neck. Draw the line somewhere so that you show a bit of cleavage without literally popping out of your top. Plus, you want him to actually engage in conversation with you during your date without being totally distracted, right? Button up, girl.

2. The outfit you don’t feel confident in

Maybe you have a small waist that you wish you were showing off, but your poor outfit choice shows off all the wrong body parts instead of the right ones. It’s important to feel confident in what you’re wearing, and a big part of that is accentuating the right parts of you. Check out this info-graphic on how to best dress for your body type so that you can confidently accentuate your figure in a way that wows him.

3. The outfit that’s completely wrong for the occasion

Make sure you know what your date will involve so that you can dress appropriately. You need to dress right for the occasion, and lots of the time this involves planning what accessories to bring. What if it’s a day date in the sunshine and you forgot sunglasses, so you’re squinting at him the whole time? What if the forecast calls for rain and you forgot an umbrella – now is your hair and makeup going to get ruined? What if you’re going to a Vodka tasting in a freezing cold room and you didn’t dress warmly? Being prepared is everything when it comes to what you wear on a date. Don’t wear anything too fancy if the occasion doesn’t call for it, because you might end up looking (and feeling) a little high-maintenance and silly.

4. The shoes you can’t walk in

A big mistake many women make is wearing those sexy heels that they can’t walk in, thinking that they’ll be sitting at a table the whole time and it won’t matter. Wrong again, because many men like to go for a walk to chat some more after dinner, and you’ll come across as high maintenance if you’re complaining about your shoes the whole time. Plus, what if he picks you up and can’t find parking right outside the restaurant? Don’t embarrass yourself by wearing the shoes you can’t walk in.

5. The outfit that doesn’t showcase your personality

If you wear all black it might look good, but it’s also a little boring, isn’t it? Try choosing at least one item that showcases a little personality. Maybe you have a cool vintage tee that you found at a thrift store and that you love to death. Or perhaps it’s a statement belt that’s bold and fearless. Even if it’s just a really cool ear-climber, that counts. You don’t want to look the same as every other woman – you want to stand out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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