10 Ways To Keep Yourself Up When You’re Feeling Down

Vinicius Amano

There are times, moments in life when you are at your worst. Every day becomes dull and almost like the movie The Truman Show. You’re on replay, even if you are doing good and have no problems of any sort, you need some zest in your life to feel alive. It can get so gruesome that you start feeling like a failure that maybe you are not good enough.

But usually this moment is just a moment. You have that quick breakdown for a minute and become that genius again. When you can go days without crying, and have one breakdown in a month, that’s a powerful thing. I can be a crier myself, but no one even knows that I have any problems. People have no idea about my struggles. I am that good. The things that keep me up and help me feel more positive might is my secret to being independent and truly proud of who I am.

1. Think Positive Thoughts.

Usually when I am down, I go down to the ugly path of my past. I start picking at every bad moment in my life, hating myself. Then I realize I am overreacting. I know I have been through a lot. I think about it, but then I realized, I handled so many issues with grace and dignity. I did not take the easy route in life, no matter how bad it got. I thought how well I did in school despite my parents having financial problems. I stuck through education and I stayed positive. I even again sometimes didn’t even realize I was a category of poor or working class people. I used to think I was a working class to middle class. But now as I am older, my family and I are going towards becoming working class to middle class. My hard work in my career path is going pay my bills. I am doing my own thing my way and it’s working. That is the most important quote to me. It boosts my mental strength and also being aware of having a crazy future.

2. Be Selfish.

I know it sounds odd, but there is nothing wrong with taking care of you. I know I have to be selfish sometimes, because I am living alone thousands of miles away from my family. My family is in Texas I am in New York. So I am selfish, I buy good food. I work hard to save money. I am working to get into a middle class life. I start eating healthier; I am def planning to travel. I am more confident because I have some say in my life. That power of being able to take care of you, is the most amazing feeling ever. You do what you want when you are ready. In other words “Treat yo’self”.

3. Pray/Meditate.

It sounds not as odd as being selfish, but no one likes to talk about prayer. It is a beautiful thing. Even if you do not follow a religion, the practice of meditation is down to a science. Stretching, lounging even, napping, whatever makes you feel at peace is going to only make you feel like a new person. It can even be a simple routine, like for breakfast you make special pancakes. Or have a day of doing nothing, literally. You can just watch television all day and cuddle with your cat. I mean really schedule it in. Pick a day in the week, that you just go home after work and do nothing. Or pray, meditate, sleep, take a bath… etc. Just relax and be.

4. Be Spontaneous.

Make unexpected plans. Of course don’t just quit your job and go for American Idol. But hey, maybe you should? As long as you don’t regret it, and let loose. A lot of times people are always worried of the repercussions of an act. I worry what my friend will think if I do….”” Or if I go to the movies at 11 am on a Monday. Not something anyone does. Honestly I have, and I was the only person in the theatre. But it was amazing, the whole theatre to myself. I can yell, laugh, cry, eat, have a whole meal. It is beautiful. No one can control your life, not even you. Sometimes, it nice to just let go and be free.

5. Make Art.

Sometimes doing something creative helps the mind to relax. It can be even meditating, but something that actually requires you to create some sort of work. Like cooking a cake, writing a song, playing a piano, drawing. Some sort of act that takes some focus and editing. It can help you forgot your worry for a moment, help you become more organized and think of more ideas. You plan better and have more insight to details.

6. Be Compassionate.

Sometimes, you have to see the other side of the world in order to realize your problems might not be so big. When I imagine children in Syria witnessing missile strikes in their own backyards, having to lose a parent at the age of 5 yrs, is unimaginable. I am blessed that I do have so much more than I realize. I try to be more compassionate about the wrongs that have happened in my life. I give more support to my friends and families when they have hard times. I don’t expect anything in return. I’ll pay for my friends and never want anything in return. I always feel the need to just give. I don’t see it as an act of kindness; it’s just something you do. In my life if I learned one thing about my family is that we were very giving. My parents are nice people who were always concerned for their friends. I am happy and thankful I have been taught this as a child. But surprised it’s not something everyone learns.

7. Laugh.

I love funny movies, I love funny things. I enjoy making jokes all the time, although some might not be funny to anyone. But I just love feeling all goofy and bubbly. It’s like a natural high. I am a fan of memes, something I have been pronouncing wrong forever. I call them “meh-mehs” instead of “meems”. The annoying part, I still want to call them “meh-mehs”. I love watching cat and dog videos. Just laugh, don’t be afraid to think something is funny. Most things in life are funny.

8. Feel.

Let your emotions flow. If someone is rude to you and you don’t deserve it, you have the right to speak up for yourself. Don’t ever think you are over reacting, or in the wrong when someone or something is forcing you to feel ugly. You swallow your pride to impress and be around someone that criticizes you for no reason is not necessary. If you are angry at your internet not working, feel mad. It’s okay to cuss when you cut your finger. It’s okay to feel anxious or nervous. That is the definition of being human.

9. Be Active.

Pump up your blood, get the adrenaline rush in a healthier and legal way. Go join a gym and do even a light workout like walking or cycling. There is also walking in a park, jogging, going to the beach or pool for a swim. Dance to a good beat. Go to a concert, play a game of paintball. Even just clean your house and organize.

10. Be Prepared For Disappointment.

It is the important to understand that even though you are positive about your outcomes, you don’t want to become blind- sighted. Not saying to become a pessimistic, just understand that if you don’t get what you want, it will be okay. Prepare yourself for other options. Be open-minded and more flexible to other possibilities. That being said, you may not get what you want, surprisingly there are a lot of adults out there that do not handle this life lesson well. Don’t lose focus on your dreams and don’t give up, it is not the destination but the journey. The most amazing journeys do have some insane obstacles. Know that you will find a way no matter what. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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