3 Easy Steps To Date A Girl With Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s Disease is a chronic illness which can affect any part of your intestinal tract; from the esophagus down to the intestines. Essentially, your immune system mistakes good cells for bad ones and goes on the offense. That’s right, your own body is attacking itself. How messed up is that?!

As there is no cure for the disease, only treatment options, the unpredictability and tricky unknowns of the illness can be quite the challenge for patients. Life becomes a bit more complex, a bit more complicated. As with any relationship, your partner’s problems become your own to an extent. Listening and understanding one another is crucial in the big wide world of relationships.

But you don’t have Crohn’s! How can you possibly know how to deal with this stuff?! Don’t fret dear child! Luckily for you I’m here to declassify all of the top secret information you never knew existed. I may have to go into hiding after this article. Seriously, there’s probably a massive manhunt with helicopters and everything out there as you read this.

Let’s get started.

Assuming you got the guts (ha Crohn’s humor) to ask her out, and assuming she said yes, it’s time for your first date.


If taking the stereotypical ‘dinner and a movie’ route, restaurant choice could be a make or break. Stay away from spicy food joints or your entire night could go to shit. Literally.
If your idea of a perfect date is a casual hike up a mountain, you may want to consult Lewis before embarking on said adventure. It’s a nice thought, Clark, but depending on the day it could be too much to take on; you don’t want to end up carrying your companion all the way back down.

2. Don’t Plan Too Much

The Date Went Well! Congrats, I’m proud of ya kid. I know now you two are in that honeymoon phase and can’t stand to be away from each other and all, but try not to make an itinerary for your days together. Because Crohn’s can be so unpredictable, it’s easy to be feeling like you could take on the world one day, then wake up the next not wanting to move. If she cancels your night out together last minute, suggest a Netflix binge instead. She may sleep through it, but knowing you’re there makes all the difference.

3. Speaking Of Being There…

Sometimes shit just happens. A medication stops being effective, a hospital stay is required, surgery is needed, etc. She won’t ask you to stay with her at the hospital, or sit with her for hours while she receives her med through an IV. She doesn’t want to burden you, and knows these trips are no one’s idea of a good time. So when she tells you she can handle it on her own she means it, because chronies are tough cookies. But deep down she’s hoping you show up to hold her hand. (And maybe bring some snacks because hospital food is no Bueno.)

So there you have it, folks. Everything you never knew you should know before dating a girl with Crohn’s. Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to a healthy(ish) relationship! Thought Catalog Logo Mark