Why I’m Sick Of Hearing That College Is The Best Time Of Our Lives

22 Jump Street
22 Jump Street

I always feel that I have to be extremely careful when I am around older people to not talk about how stressed I am at college. Whenever I do it seems to end in speeches about how these are the best years of my life, and I should be thankful and enjoying them instead of complaining or being stressed out. I end up being reminded of how blessed I am to not have to worry about a real job, or paying bills or taking care of a family. And I nod my head and pretend to heed the advice they have just given me.

The truth is I feel very blessed to be in college. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn and further my education. I am thankful for great friends and an amazing campus bursting with opportunities. I try to never forget these things. But, as true as all of these things are, when I’ve stayed up until 4 in the morning studying for a test that’s not even related to my major, I’m stressed and a little sad. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

College is hard. I’m taking five classes, working part time and trying to balance time with friends and family. I finally decided on a major, but I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. And I’m pretty stressed out most of time. I am not saying this to complain. Because I think, this is exactly what college is all about. I’m saying that I hope these are not the best days of my life, because I want to believe that there is so much more left to enjoy.

I look forward to my first job after college. I can’t wait to marry someone I love and start a family of my own. I look forward to a minivan full of kids on our way to soccer practice. I even can’t wait for retirement, when I am able to knit and watch TV all day with out judgment. While I know that there will troubles and hardships along with each of these times I think the future is so exciting. And I hope that I always, no matter where I am at in life, can think that there is something left to look forward to.

It’s a crazy time. It’s stressful and sometimes sad. But, I’m so thankful for these blessed days with friends that I have learned to love as much as family. I am so appreciative for this entire experience, even in the hard times. I know that I will always look back on this time in my life with fond memories, but I always look to the future with hope. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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