20 Things To Do In Your 20s


1. Have a roommate you love. There is nothing greater than finding that random roommate that ends up being your best friend, confidant, and occasional drinking buddy. It may take time, or it may happen instantly, but it is one of those relationships that will last a lifetime.

2. Have a roommate you hate. There is nothing worse than living with someone you can’t stand. You’ll find yourself spending a lot of extra time at work, or hiding out in your room watching Netflix. Maybe your roommate likes the apartment hot and you like it cold, maybe s/he is always having loud sex with their significant other. Whatever the reason, there are so many lessons to learn in having a bad roommate, that it is an experience everyone should have.

3. Fall head over heels for someone who treats you like dirt. Everyone needs to experience this at least once, and no, that boyfriend you had in college doesn’t count. Dating in your 20s is different, there are different reasons and motives behind it, and falling for someone in your 20s is completely different than in college. So fall and fall hard and see what it is like to have them rip your heart out and crush it under their stupid clunky boots.

4. Let go of someone you’ve been holding onto. There is no time like the present and all of us have had that one person, whether we are holding out hope or they are holding out hope for us, if it hasn’t happened yet, it isn’t going to happen. Don’t be afraid to let go and start exploring other options. It’s amazing what will happen when you finally open your eyes to other opportunities.

5. Have one night you’ll never forget and that you can’t remember. Let’s be honest, drinking in your 20s is completely different than drinking in your teens. The drinks are more expensive, the hangovers are worse, and the Vine videos are forever, but you need to do it one more time before things get serious and you have to bribe yourself with cheesecake just to leave the house after 6.

6. Make a life changing mistake. It’s your 20s. Screw up. Make that mistake that will change your life forever and make you rethink everything. If you don’t do it now, you are always going to wonder “what if.”

7. Royally piss off your parents. You are an adult so don’t be afraid to be brutally honest. I’m not saying intentionally hurt them, they are your parents and they love you, but now is the time to be honest about what you want and where you want to go, no matter what they may think or say otherwise.

8. Date. I am so tired of people meeting someone and being in a relationship with them a week later, engaged six months later, married a year later, and divorced three years later. What is the rush? Date around, figure out what you like and don’t like, learn things about yourself, and get a couple free meals out of it.

9. Go out to dinner by yourself. Yes I know, the thought is petrifying, but just do it. Treat yourself to a dinner and a good book and have the confidence to be by yourself for once.

10. Take a huge risk. It’s your 20s. Enough said.

11. Move. I know that town you grew up in is safe and convenient. You know all the streets. You know where everything is. You’ve never gotten lost there and you know you will always be able to call it home. Now that you have found that place to call home, move away from there. Go someplace you’ve secretly always wanted to move to, explore new things, meet new people, get insanely lost, spend all your money on a crappy one-bedroom apartment where the bathroom is also the kitchen, and end up appreciating that place you call home even more.

How To Be A 20-Something: The Book
How To Be A 20-Something: The Book

12. Get a pet. When you have the time and the money to take care of one, there is nothing greater than coming home to little Baxter.

13. Donate your college clothes. Yes I know that those Abercrombie jeans make your butt look great, but the holes in them also make you look 15. Donate those college clothes you are hanging on to and treat yourself to some grown-up clothing. P.S. Hot Topic doesn’t count.

14. Figure yourself out. This is the time to figure out who you are, what you want, and what your life goals are. From this point forward, it is going to be job, family, and sleep. This is the time for you to be selfish, so be selfish.

15. Exercise. Just because you no longer have that awesome on-campus gym to go workout in doesn’t give you any excuse for not strapping on some tennis shoes and going for a quick jog around the block.

16. Pig out on junk food. This is the last time you will be able to do this without feeling like crap for three days afterward.

17. Watch the news. Get caught up on some world events and realize that there is more out there besides your job and Baxter.

18. Keep your resume updated. Just do it.

19. Work your ass off. Now is also the time when you have the most energy to work hard, impress the boss and earn that promotion. Stay an extra hour at work or get there early in the morning. It’ll pay off in the end.

20. Enjoy it. TC Mark

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